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Yes, we are still going to Nepal!

A short blog today about Nepal today. A lot has been said about it by fellow bloggers who feel deeply in pain about the recent earthquakes in Nepal. The moment the earth shook and that took the lives of many innocent people. The moment that destroyed a beautiful country…


Many people have asked us if we still want to travel to Nepal after what happened. They ask whether we want to experience a country that is mourning and that has been destroyed.


For not even one single second, we have considered not going. Because those people need us. They need tourists who still want to come to their beautiful country. With our money, they can rebuild what was lost during those horrible moments. With our visit we can help them spread the word that Nepal is still worth visiting, even though it may not be the same as it used to be anymore.


At the moment, we have no clue if we can still reach Everest Base Camp as we planned to. After seeing a horrible video where climbers were blown away by a an avalanche, I decided not to look for more information. Our trip is still very far away and who knows what may happen in the months to come. We haven’t even been in touch with the company we booked our trek with because I’m sure they have better things to do at the moment than informing clients that are only traveling months in the future. We don’t want to bother them with our concerns, once the time is there, we will hear if we can do it. If not, we will find something else. Some other trail to walk another way to see Mount Everest.


This shows how much I’ve changed over the past years. Traveling more has made me more laid back. You can’t plan everything and may as well see on the spot what is going on. In the past, I wanted to plan everything by the day. No, by the hour, almost. Now I realize that it’s not the way I want to travel anymore.


People ask me if we’re afraid to travel there because it may happen again. But they have no idea. We’ve been to many places where things like these happen. While we were in New Zealand, there was a major earthquake near Christchurch (not the big one though) and we were only 200 kms away. When we went to Peru, only a couple of days earlier there had been a major shake that took the lives of many. We’ve climbed active volcanoes that erupted not much later and we’ve been to places that are now destroyed by various forces of nature.


There is no way to stay away from danger. If you want that, you might as well stay home and never travel anymore. Sit in front of your tv only to die in your sleep because of a heart failure, regretting the things you didn’t do because it could be potentially dangerous.


So there is our answer again: yes, we are still going to Nepal. We want to see the Everest and reach its Base Camp, if that is still possible at all. We want to help the Nepalese to rebuild their beautiful country. Staying away is not going to make it happen.

Thank you for sharing!


  • Murray Clark

    Love the attitude Antonnette, and absolutely correct that if you do not take a calculated risk you would never get out of your chair. We have been to top of World Trade Centre, one year to the very day before it was destroyed, been in Moscow when the rebels took over a school in Belsen a few kilometres away, have travelled through Egypt and Syria before trouble started, and I have done the Everest circuit. Mention this because it would not be possible to travel to some of these locations at the present time, and you have got to take the opportunities as they come along.

  • Gabby @

    Great post and great attitude. Especially the paragraph about danger and risk. I seem to spend my life at the moment justifying my travel choices to people who talk about the risks and danger involved. Life is SO short and can be taken away in the blink of an eye, whether that’s on the street outside your home, in your own bed or having an adventure in some incredible place. You’ve got to grab life by the balls and not worry about the ‘what ifs’ – we’re not around long enough for that :).

  • Karlijn Travels

    I was hoping you guys were still going, the people in Nepal really need travellers! And you’re right: you’ll never know what’s going to happen and staying home won’t help anybody. I hope you have an amazing trip!

    • anto

      We just came home and we feel sad that there is such a big loss of tourists. We loved Nepal and will do our best to send as many people your way as possible!

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