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Why a trip to Argentina should be on your bucketlist!

The ultimate trip to Argentina

Argentina is one of those places you will have to visit at some point in your life. It’s the land of the tango, the gaucho’s, soccer and our Queen Maximá. For me it’s also a land of extremes. Over the past seven years, I was lucky enough to visit Argentina no less than four times and I still haven’t seen all I’d like to see there. You can do some really great hiking, you can roam around in dazzling Buenos Aires and you can enjoy some really good meals. Oh and there’s also plenty of wildlife, it’s road trip paradise and it’s a great place for brushing up you Spanish. Here are my reasons why a trip to Argentina should definitely be on your bucketlist!

1. Glaciers and mountains in Patagonia

I’ve been to Patagonia various times and I can guarantee you that in very few other places in the world you will encouter such stunning beauty as here. Patagonia is the most southern part of Chile and Argentina and it’s cold, desolate and rugged. The sun occasionally shines though, which makes the landscape even more beautiful. If I could, I’d travel to Patagonia each year, however it’s just kind of far …
trip to argentina

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2. Red rock and salt flats around Salta

What makes traveling around in Argentina so special is the variety in landscapes. One day you are freezing at the glaciers and the next day you can be in the sunshine up north inside a red rock canyon. Around the colonial city of Salta up north you can find beautiful rock formations, colored mountains, salt flats and you will see lama’s and alpaca’s all over. The locals still live the traditional way here and the climate is just perfect!
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3. The food and wines

Although the impressive landscapes are my number one reason to return to Argentina over and over again, the country has a lot more to offer. I’m not a big fan of Buenos Aires (sorry) but I love the Argentinean cuisine. The steaks are to die for, when I get home from Argentina I become a temporary vegetarian for a while. Also the wines are super good and whenever I get the chance to buy some empanada’s I can never refuse. Plus they have some really amazing ice cream, which came as a great surprise to me. Going out for dinner in Argentina is always a pleasure!
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4. The Iguazú Falls

I recently visited the Iguazú Falls for the second time in my life and it will never disappoint me. It’s just amazing to see all those giant waterfalls right in the middle of the jungle. For me, it’s a true paradise, you can walk from one waterfall to the next, get soaked in the meanwhile and warm up again in the sun. You can visit the falls from both the Argentinean and Brazilian side. My recommendation is to do both because you can’t really compare them to each other. From the Brazilian side you have the best panorama’s, from the Argentinean side you can actually walk across the falls on endless bridges and boardwalks. Another cool thing to do is take a ride in a small boat, you will get soaked to the bone but it’s super spectacular!
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5. The end of the world

OK, it may not be Argentina’s prettiest city but Ushuaia is one of my favorite places. It’s the most southern city in the world and somehow that just appeals to me. The first time I was there, the sun was shining and the weather was awesome. We took a boat tour on the Beagle Channel and hiked in Tierra del Fuego National Park. The second time we were there, it was pouring with rain but even then we weren’t bored, as we visited some museums and other sights. Travelers often tell me that they don’t go to Ushuaia but any trip to Argentina should have Ushuaia in the itinerary. For a full list of things to do in Ushuaia, go here!
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So … have you been on a trip to Argentina yet? What were the highlights? Anything I missed?
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