Who I am

Hello and welcome to my website! My name is Antonette (Anto) – a thirty-something lady living in a small city in the eastern part of The Netherlands. On we12travel (“we want to travel”) I share my personal travel stories and try to encourage my readers to get outside more often and travel the active way.
In The Netherlands, the whole “outdoor” lifestyle still has a bit of a dusty image. I’m trying to change this by sharing my stories about the trips I make including activities such as hiking, cycling/mountainbiking, camping, kayaking and all other outdoor/adventure activities you can think of.
Up until late 2016, I ran this site together with my former partner Martijn, a name you will see on we12travel occasionally. Unfortunately, our relationship ended but our stories will remain. This is why I sometimes write about just ‘me’ and other times about ‘us.’
Even though I’m not a native English speaker, I try my best at writing in a foreign language. However, I have not studied to become a journalist or how to write compelling stories the ‘perfect way’. They come from the heart though and in all honesty, I believe that it’s all that matters…
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About me

For the past 18 years, I’ve combined my full time office job with an active lifestyle yet in the summer of 2017 I gave up my job to travel. After a nine month trip around the world I returned back home to The Netherlands where I am based and am dedicating my time to We12travel and freelance travel writing. In my free time I can be found exploring my backyard (which happens to be the best known National Park in our country) or adventuring somewhere in one of my neighboring countries. I enjoy being outdoors, hiking, camping, paddling and much more.

Public speaking

Want me to come and tell your audience what it’s like to be a travel blogger? How you can make your life more adventurous? Or how to combine working an office job with being outdoors whenever you can? I have ample experience in public speaking about my lifestyle as well as various destinations I have been to, such as at Reis! Event in Groningen and at the Faculty of Tourism and Sports in Novi Sad, Serbia. Just drop me a line on info at we12travel.com to discuss the possibilities!