Experience & plans

Where I have been

I’m not a fan of counting countries but prefer to travel back to places I have been before and enjoyed. Curious why? Check this blog! Just to give you an idea about the countries I’ve been to, I’ll share my list. However, note that it does not represent my knowledge about a certain country or area, I may only have been there a day or two…
Europe: Netherlands, Belgium, Luxemburg, France, Spain, Monaco, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Vatican City, Slovenia, Croatia, Montenegro, Serbia, Greece, Malta, Turkey, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, England, Ireland, Scotland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Finland, Sweden and Norway
Asia: Nepal, Indonesia (Bali), Thailand, Laos and Cambodia
Oceania: Australia (including Tasmania) and New Zealand

North America:
Canada (British Columbia, Alberta, Yukon, Ontario, Québec and Newfoundland) and USA (Alaska, Florida, New York, Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Arizona, Montana, Idaho and Nevada)
Central America: Curaçao

South America:
Peru, Brazil, Argentina and Chile
waar ben ik geweest

Where I am going

I won’t announce my specific travel dates here but I can definitely share what’s coming up over the upcoming months!
Last update: February 2017
In March I’m hiking a part of the Rheinsteig in Germany with Top Trails of Germany.
In April I will explore the area in and around the Swedish city of Gothenburg, together with a friend who lives there. We have not yet decided what we’ll do, but Swedish nature is always stunning and inspiring me!
In May I’ll be in New Zealand and Australia most of the time. It’s business trip I will make for my office job but I will definitely also spend some time exploring, such as the Coromandel region in New Zealand and Queensland’s Tropical North in Australia.
In June I’m heading to Achenkirch in Austria. I used to go here as a kid and can’t wait to see what it looks like after not having been there for more than twenty years.
In July I’m going to do my first major trip of the year, which is when I’ll fly to Seattle and will solo hike a section of the Pacific Crest Trail. I’m super excited yet pretty nervous about it, tips are more than welcome!
After this trip, my agenda is still wide open. I’m sure there will be plenty of nice trips coming up though. Plus it will be summer here, which is my favorite time of the year to actually stay home! Towards the end of the year I will make one last big trip, which will be to Nepal. Hiking to Everest Base Camp really impressed me and this time I will do another trek in the Himalayas. Which one is yet undecided, I have two weeks, so shoot your suggestions at me!
Want me to come to your destination? I have limited time but if you have something really cool to offer, get in touch via info at we12travel dot com and we can discuss the possibilities for sure!