Welcome to the we12travel hiking month!

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Welcome to the we12travel hiking month! In May all entries on our blog will solely be dedicated to the one thing we love most: hiking. The idea arised last weekend when I was working on a post that will go live on Sunday, called “What I talk about when I talk about hiking”. I realized that when I blog, some posts are easier than others and some I enjoy writing more than others. Although blogging is a lot of fun and I still do it without really earning any money from it, I sometimes struggle to get certain stories out on paper. Somehow, when writing about hiking, this is not the case.

My mind started thinking: “what if I would just write about hiking from now on? Would writing about hiking be enough to fill our blog 3 days a week?” No! “Would I miss writing about other subjects?” YES! So I decided to start a we12travel walking week. When scribbling down ideas for posts, I immediately noticed I have way too many ideas and stories to fit into one week. So a week became a month and the we12travel hiking month was born.

What will I write about? Anything that has to do with hiking. From why I love it to the best (multi) day hikes around the world and the gear you need to enjoy hiking. I’ll share our most precious hiking memories, my anxieties and my most memorable experiences.

In addition to the blog, all of our social media pages will be filled with hiking happiness, too! So if you don’t follow us yet, please do so and help us spread the hiking love around the world. If you want to get a headstart and read more hiking stories, make sure to visit our “Ultimate Hiking Board” on Pinterest for the best hiking inspiration from other bloggers around the world! Just comment if you’d like to become a pinner there, too.

As for hiking plans during this month … oh well, we will be cheating because tomorrow we’re off on our very first cycling vacation ever… so maybe in a couple of years time, when we got the hang of it, we’ll be able to do a cycling month. However, we’ll still do some hiking trips this month. We’ll be off to Germany to explore the Harz region on foot, Martijn will go hiking in the Alps (if the weather cooperates) and together we’ll head out somwehere to be decided for some exploring.

For now, we’ll leave you with some hiking inspiration… Have a good weekend and don’t forget to spread the rumor about our hiking month!

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Location: Wulaia Bay, Patagonia, Chile

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Thanks for spreading the rumor about our hiking month!


  • Ryan Biddulph

    Great stuff Anto! We are huge on hiking and walking almost every day. No better way to get in shape on the road. We hike around some rugged terrain up in the hills of Bali most every day, with 3 crazy hyper dogs leading the way. They don’t take their paws off of the gas pedal lol. Keep inspiring guys!


    • anto

      Cheers Ryan! Happy to hear you make it out on the trails so often. I didn’t really know Bali is big on hiking but I’m sure you know just the right spots to head out to. Enjoy the walking and stay in shape 😉

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