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Walking Wednesday: short wood walk

Just like the previous weekend, it promised to be a sunny day when we decided to go hiking, however as soon as I opened my weather app that morning, the suns I had been seeing the days before, had vanished. Luckily, cloudy days are great for hiking through the woods because it adds some extra darkness.

Last Saturday, we decided to go hiking just north of our hometown, at a 10 minute driving distance only. The place is called Zypendaalse Bos and it’s right on the western border of Veluwezoom National Park and a small village called Rozendaal, which is “famous” for the big houses and the rich people (which we are not btw). Normally we never go here but we thought it would be nice for a change.

After parking the car, I wanted to put on my hikingboots (we had been into town for bike-shopping before and believe me, I rather don’t want to be seen with my hikingboots on in public other than when hiking since they look, well, not very charming…) but then I realized I forgot them at home. As it had been raining pretty much fulltime the week before, we decided to do a small lap only because of the mud, since I was wearing my Converses which aren’t very warm nor waterproof. We also forgot to bring food and water… not very smart so a short hike it would be.

There aren’t any marked trails in this area so we didn’t follow a route, instead we just walked and walked. The first part of the hike was quite straightforward, along endless lanes between the trees. Eventually we reached an open field, of which I think the name is unknown, a great place for pictures. Even though the weather still wasn’t super, it started clearing up and after taking some pictures, we walked the same way back as we knew that there would be no other way back from previous hikes, as you’re pretty close to the highway.

During the return trip we saw a couple of deer but unfortunately they were too far away (and too quick) to take pictures. We decided to zig-zag a bit instead of taking the regular route back and discovered a pretty green patch in this area, with small hills and narrow tracks, perfect for trailrunning.

By the time we got back to the car it had, of course, cleared up and the sun was shining, bringing many more other walkers and runners. Even though it was time for us to leave…

Enjoy our pictures!

veluwe-2 veluwe-martijn veluwe-pano veluwe-zwerfpad mushroomsveluwe-3 viewpoint-pano viewpoint-pano-2 veluwe-anto-2 mushrooms heathland- veluwe-1map

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