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Walking Wednesday: hiking the Mullerthal Trail

It’s been a while since we last did a “Walking Wednesday” but I can hardly say that we didn’t go hiking. I just didn’t feel like writing for a while so that’s why I didn’t. However, last weekend’s hike was just too good not to be mentioned here, so I’m happy to re-introduce the Walking Wednesday … on those days we spend our favorite hiking trails, mostly of the previous weekend, with our readers. Today we’ll tell you all about hiking the Mullerthal Trail!

We spent our last weekend in a small country named Luxemburg (or Luxembourg) which is surrounded by Germany, France and Belgium. For many of us, Dutch people, Luxemburg is no more than a mandatory stop when driving down south, because the gasprices are much lower than anywhere else in Europe. However, we already got to experience that Luxemburg is not just “a country with cheap gas prices” in the previous summer, when we spent a couple of days hiking the Echternach area. Unfortunately, the weather was not really in our favor and so we went home earlier than planned.


Luckily we got a second chance when Visit Luxembourg invited us to come back and experience all the nice things they have to offer. We had a full schedule but managed to squeeze in some hours on the part of Luxemburg we love most: the Mullerthal trail. The trail covers 112 km of amazing hiking paths through the Mullerthal region of Luxemburg, which is also know as “Little Switzerland”. There are no 4.000-ers here but the altitude differences and steep passages will make you need all your attention when hiking, the steep drop-offs at some points are no joke but don’t worry, anyone can do the trail! As I mentioned earlier, we already hiked various parts of it back in the summer of 2014. What I remembered most about it, were the stunning views at various platforms made from rocks. So when we decided do “drive by” for a little hike along the way back home, we figured we should go there. This time, the weather was much better and we thought it would be a perfect place for a picknick. However … we realized we didn’t bring our hiking map (since going here was not the original plan, just something we decided on the last minute) so had no clue where to find this point exactly.




All we knew was that we hiked it from our campsite in Berdorf on our arrival day – we did approximately 12 kms of hiking then but we didn’t have that much time now … so we just parked the car in Berdorf and started hiking the Mullerthal Trail, hoping to find this exact spot. We passed the climbing spot (the only climbing spot in Luxemburg, so it was pretty crowded) and lots of rockformations and boulders. After about an hour of walking, we had no clue if we were going into the right direction. And we were starting to get hungry … at that point we were at the bottom of the rocks so we decided to hike up and see if we could find it. But we never did … it must have been somewhere along the way, I suspect we hiked the wrong direction to start with. It wasn’t all bad luck though because as it turned out, we ended up right behind the campsite where they have a plateau with stunning views as well. So we decided to search no longer and instead eat our lunch there. While the sun was out and the birds where whistling, it was a stunning place for a break.


After about half an hour, being fed and caught up on hydration, we decided to hike down once more, right down to the bottom of the valley. Here the passages get quite narrow and there were various iron stairs to walk down on. Truly spectacular and the good thing about it was that there was almost nobody else on the trail, even on a hot Sunday in June.


Two hours later, we arrived back at the car. We came home later than planned but the short stop in Mullerthal was definitely worth it … If you are ever in Luxemburg, make this a must-do!


Want to read more about the trail, the sections and the history? Then take a look at the Mullerthal Trail website!


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[Note: we were on a press trip organized by Visit Luxembourg. As always, our opinions are entirely our own.]

Thank you for sharing!


  • Jenni / Globe Called Home

    I love the Mullerthal trail! …but it’s really not the only great part of Luxembourg to hike. 🙂 I lived a couple years in Luxembourg, and I often found myself in the Ardennes. Especially the area around Bourscheid castle is fantastic.

    • anto

      Thannks Jenny I’ll definitely keep that in mind for our next visit! We’ve only been to the French and Belgian parts of the Ardennes so far…

  • kami

    I must say I don’t have nice memories of Luxembourg, I was there just once (on the way back from the Netherlands when we met for the first time, almost 10 years ago!!!), it was raining and I just didn’t like it at all! OK, I was just in the capital but ever since I don’t really feel like going back there. Now, thanks to you, I can see I should really reconsider it 🙂

  • Hannah

    I’ve been hearing so many cool things to do in Luxembourg lately… I guess I need to go! Looks like a gorgeous place to go for a walk- great views!

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