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I’m going to travel the world with a one-way ticket!

The moment I will write ‘I’m going to travel the world with a one-way ticket’ will be the moment my phone will not stop buzzing. In fact, it has been buzzing for the last 24 hours, which is when I officially notified my friends that I am leaving The Netherlands for a round the world trip. At first I didn’t want to write a blog about it but the number of questions I’ve received and WhatsApping the answers to everyone, got me a sore thumb. So here is the best news of the year so far: I’m going to travel the world with a one-way ticket!
Most people I’ve ever personally met or are in my circle of friends, know that I have had the dream to travel for an extended period of time without having too much of a plan. To just leave and see where I will end up and what I’ll end up doing. Since I’m always doubting my decisions, I never really dared to take the step to give up everything and leave. I was raised with the idea that stability is the most important part of your life. I’ve always had enough savings, a house and a nice job … I never knew what it would be like to not have any of these. But then some of my securities disappeared from my life. My relationship ended after 16 years, my father passed away and I was being told I need to leave my rental appartement. So after giving it some thought, I figured that this would be the most perfect time to leave. And so I handed in my notice at work, giving up the last stable factor in my life right now.
What will I be doing? Well, I don’t really have much of a plan. Although I know where I want to go and what I want to see, I’m most definitely not one of those travelers who plan their whole year abroad from start to end. I will not book a so-called round-the-world ticket and will not visit twenty-something countries the upcoming year. Because the only thing I want right now, is peace of mind and to be in nature. I want to discover pretty places, hike, read books and enjoy the beauty of this planet. I don’t really need to tick countries off my bucketlist and see as much as I can in order to blog about it. That just ain’t me.
So first of all I quit my job, with a lot of pain in my heart, because I truly love what I’m doing. I’ve been working for the same company for eleven years, but it’s time for me to move on. I will have my last day somewhere in June or July but that hasn’t been decided yet. This summer I have some trips planned that I’m still going to make (US, Sweden, Austria) and I will also need to finish certain arrangements as well as get rid of my stuff and such. I need to leave my home July 1st and after that I will certainly find a place to sleep on the couch for a while.
I’m planning on leaving The Netherlands somewhere in September. My first stop will be Bali, a place I want to do not much else other than relax. I’ve not seen Eat, Pray, Love nor will I ever see it so my idea was not based on that. However, Bali seems like the perfect place to find some peace of mind. My dad had a big passion for Indonesia including Bali and since I heard a lot of good stories, I figured it would be a good starting point. Plus you can climb volcanoes and learn to surf. You can’t really expect me to do completely nothing for two whole months, right?
From Bali I want to move on to Nepal, the country I fell in love with when hiking to Everest Base Camp some 1.5 years ago. I love the Nepali people and I love the Himalayas even more. I would love to do one or two treks and other than that, I have no idea what I’ll do there. I may end up volunteering, sleeping, blogging, learning to cook Dal Bhat… I don’t know yet!
The plan is to eventually make it to my beloved New Zealand, which is the one place that stole my heart in 2002, when I visited for the first time. I’ve always had the dream to live here or at least spend a decent amount of time here. New Zealand is the place where I left a little piece of my heart behind during my last visit and now I will go back to pick it up. I want to hike, camp, be carefree in nature. While I’m writing that a big smile appears on my face. Just be in nature, it sounds totally awesome to me right now.
How long I will stay away eventually is not something I want to decide right now and I want to keep all my options open. When I feel like going home, I can go home. When I want to stay, I’ll stay. I realize that this is a total luxurious situation and that being able to afford this is a huge privilege but I’ve worked hard to save enough money to travel for a year or possibly two, without having to return home. Of course I will go home eventually, but when that will be I don’t know.
Of course I will continue with We12travel because keeping this site up and running is what I love to do most. I’ve been dreaming of traveling around the world as a writer for many years and now I can finally make that dream come true. There are so many stories in my head that I would like tell, but just never got around to telling because of a lack of time. And so I decided to buy myself the one thing that you can never really buy, which is time and freedom to write. To learn how to make better photos, better stories and to keep on inspiring you guys to travel the world and enjoy nature.
Eventually I will of course need to start making money. The name ‘digital nomad’ has been crossing my mind a lot lately and although I don’t really like using the word because it’s being overused a lot, I think that eventually I will become a so-called digital nomad. I have no fixed plan on how to do this because at this moment, there are other things I have to keep busy with. Which is fine because you can’t really plan everything in advance anyway. I will be fine, the blog will be fine and eventually I will find a way to fund my travels.
If there’s one thing I’ve learned over the past months, it’s that nothing is ever guaranteed in life. That you have to take chances before it may be too late. That there may not be another tomorrow. That choosing your own happiness is not egoistic but very courageous. I know my dad would have been so proud of me, which makes it easier to just pack my bag and go.
I could easily write another 1.000 words about my decision but I will not do that. Just because there is a lot left to tell, but also because not everything that is going on in my life needs to be shared. I’m about to go to bed however with the best feeling in the world: the feeling that I have the world at my feet and that this is just the start of a major adventure!
Any thoughts, ideas or questions? Drop them in the comments!
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  • petra

    That’s great Anto – I wish you all the best and a loooot of breath taking views & more storys to tell!

    • anto

      Thanks dear – I will actually be going to Vorarlberg first this summer – will message you because hopefully we could meet then. Always love them mountains haha xoxox

  • Lauren

    You are going to have an amazing time! While I’ve never embarked on such a long term journey, I’ve had some similar feelings. My dad passed away (12 years ago now), and after grieving for a long while and always dreaming of traveling…I always said “someday”. Then, I had a painful breakup with my ex several years ago. When I met Justin and started a new relationship, that was when I started to think to myself…life is so short! Why am I always putting things off? Why don’t I live life on my own terms? I started to travel more, make my dreams a reality today. You’re going to have an amazing time on your journey, and with the whole world open to you, you will discover so much and meet so many people! 🙂

    • anto

      Thanks so much for the sweet comment Lauren. It’s always great to hear similar stories, whether you have decided to travel more, long term or whatever way that makes you feel like you are living life the way you want it. I am super nervous about this but know that there will never be a better time to leave than now. I’ve been reading so many blogs about solo female travel and every single one of them says that it’s never 100% the right time. I guess they are right… all the best to you and Justin and I really hope to run into you guys some day somewhere in the world! 🙂

  • Zascha

    It will be the best decision you’ll ever make! I’ve been away for over 10 months traveling around with no plans. I’m back in Denmark for a quick visit, but I’m off again in June and I love this lifestyle. Good luck with everything! 🙂

  • Jeroen

    Can I copy some of your text to explain why I also will leave upcoming September for at least a year?
    Of course there are differences but your motives and goals are similar to mine. I am sure you will have a great time on the road and you will do fine no matter what happens.
    Maybe see you on the road although I will leave for central America at first. But if you are up for some serious hiking in Patagonia beginning next year… just let me know!
    Have fun and happy travels!

    • anto

      Depends on where you want to use it 😉 let me know if you want to. Happy to hear your goals are similar and that I’m not the only one who feels like this … I’ve been to Patagonia many times but would love to go back. We’ll keep in touch, would love to hear more about your travels. Cheers and have a great time in central America, I’m sure you’ll love it!

  • Bilyana | OwlOverTheWorld

    I absolutely feel you. And I absolutely agree that we need to take chances in every possible moment, every day. Can’t wait for the moment when I finally going to book a one-way ticket to the other part of the world. <3

    • anto

      I hope you can make the leap too, one day. I’ve had to wait for more than a decade so be patient. When it’s your time, you will feel it and feel courageous enough to jump xxx

  • Chrysoula

    Sounds like an awesome plan. Looking forward to reading your adventures in Bali,Nepal,New Zealand and wherever your journey leads you. Good luck.

  • Anja

    Wow, this sounds like a big challenge, and I hope you will have a good time and learn and see a lot. 🙂

  • Laura

    I applaud your decision. Sometimes when doors close around you, it’s time to open a few new ones. Change can be incredibly powerful. Plus, you’ll get to see the world and experience things in a completely different way than you’re accustomed to. I think it’s fantastic.

  • Siddhartha Joshi

    Congratulations and all the best! If you do include India in your itinerary, feel free to ping me for any help 🙂

    I will follow your journey online and hope you have the time of your life on the road 🙂

  • Iza Abao

    I am very happy for you even though we do not know each other. I understand you. This is what you really need right now. I embrace constant change in my life too. Life is full of uncertainties but we have to be courageous and do what we want. I wish you all the best. Have an epic adventure!

  • Megan J

    Massive congrats! It’s a huge decision, and obviously not one you took lightly, especially in quitting a job you loved, but as you said, life is short and there are never any guarantees, so live it! No one I’ve met has ever regretted traveling the world. Let us know if you swing by Australia if you’re close by in NZ. Can’t wait to follow your trip 🙂

    • anto

      Thanks a lot Meg! I’ll definitely keep you posted on my Aussie plans, I’d love to hop over from NZ for a while, even if just to visit the people I’ve gotten to know …

  • Reshma

    Congratulations on your decision! I’m sure you are going to love it! I quit mine last year and I have been travelling for some time now. Even I haven’t figured out much! As you said, it’s going to be fine. Life is too short to keep waiting to do what we love! Good luck girl!

    • anto

      Thanks Reshma. Happy to hear that you are enjoying it. Sure thing, life can be over before you know it … so better make use of being alive and kicking at the moment!

  • Christopher

    I’ve always had respect for those travellers and travel bloggers who have the courage to up and leave everything behind. It’s really not for everyone. After being gone for a month at i time I start to get home sick. I miss my family, my friends, my city, my way of life, my daily grind and hustle. I do however wish you all the best on your journey

    • anto

      Yeah I totally realize that. I still don’t know if it will be for me because up until a few years ago the thought never even crossed my mind. But I’ve come to realize that if you never try, you will never know. Thanks for your wishes and happy traveling!

  • Ryan Biddulph

    Anto I love it 🙂 I had left my job years before circling the globe but made the decision to never work a job again when I bought a plane ticket with my wife from JFK to Bali. We knew deep down it was 1 way. We didn’t get a return ticket of course but never imagined – save a few trips back home – we’d circle the globe for 6 years. Good for you!


    • anto

      Thanks so much Ryan! I know you did and admire how you are doing it all, you’re a great example of how to do things when a digital nomad. Cheers!

  • Marta Chan

    Offtopic: Anto I wish we met at the swappers meeting this year, hopefully see you soon on the road 😉

    Wooowwww it takes courage to say bye to a job we really love but hey do whatever you feel like, follow your instint and heart.
    I could go to Bali right now hehe and yep traveling with no plans and no deadlines is the way to go. Think about doing some work for food and accomodation, its quite an experience with locals, i love

    Keep us updated and happy travels =)

    • anto

      Ahhh it’s a real shame we couldn’t meet. I may end up in Portugal in September. Will you be there? I will definitely check out your recommendation, it sounds like a great plan. Maybe we’ll run into each other at some point somewhere in the world <3

  • Carolin

    Anto, great read! I can see many go like ‘yep, same here’ – I went on this “journey” 2.5 years ago, it’s still going and I love it. So all the best, enjoy:-)

    • anto

      Thanks Carolin! Happy to hear you are still going, I can’t wait to leave either and see what the world has to offer me. Cheers!

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