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Travel tag: 25 random travel facts

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Today we will share 25 random travel facts with you. This tag has been going around in the Dutch travelbloggers world. Since we wrote the answers down together en we didn’t want to write down 50, it’s 10 from Anto, 10 from Martijn and 10 from us together. Enjoy!

1. I’ve studied tourism and finished my education 14 years ago. Since then I’ve worked in the industry for 12 years, of which 7.5 years with my current employer: Askja Reizen. Here I’m product manager for Alaska, Argentina and Chile.

2. Don’t ask me what my favorite destination is because I can’t pick. New Zealand stole my heart many years ago with its overwhelming nature and friendly people. But since I stepped foot in Alaska for the first time for my work, it’s a place I always love returning to. Patagonia is awesome too, because of the mountains and the pampa. Being in Austria also makes me really happy. Just send me where the mountains are…

3. I don’t have a fear of heights but do have a fear of falling. I went bungyjumping, skydiving and did a SkyWalk. I find cablecars and swingbridges very exciting, as long as I can hold on to something, I see no fear. However when I have to cross a small ridge in the Alps and can’t hold on to anything or when I have to cross a river using stepping stones I’m not happy anymore…

4. My work always involves travel (yay) and aside from that, our blog takes a lot of time. There for I love to spend an afternoon in our garden (napping) or take a bath and read a book. Just something like a thriller by Karin Slaughter or James Patterson, to not think about travel for a while. On average I read 50 books a year.

5. My first far away trip ever took me to Orlando, Florida. Here I went to visit a friend who was doing her internship there. Ever since I made at least one far away (= outside of Europe) trip each year.

6. When I hike in the mountains, I use hiking poles. I know you are thinking they are for losers but less is true. It makes me faster, have more support (convenient, see point 3) and my body feels much better after an 8 hour hike, since I don’t have painful knees after descending about 1.000 meters. This makes multi day trekkings quite a bit easier.

7. My dream destination is Antarctica, the real end of the world. The place of places I would love to visit one day. If I’ll ever make it there, I don’t know. Right now I don’t think it’s worth giving up two or three big trips for 10 days on the big white continent.

8. I don’t have a fear of flying but it’s not one of my favorite things either. I prefer to have a window seat so I can look outisde and the worst moment for me it take off, when the pilot lets go of the power for one second and it feels like your are weightless. Moreover I prefer being in a small aircraft rather than in a big one, in Alaska I get on small bushplanes occasionally, which will drop me off in the middle of nowhere. Fear of flying is not an option in Alaska.

9. My longest time away from home was in 2002 when I backpacked through Australia and New Zealand, I was gone for 5 months. Would I ever make such a long trip again? Maybe, but right now it’s not an option. I love my job, we have a mortgage and actually really like our lives the way they are right now…

10. I never feel home sick. Only when I get home I long back to the silence and quiet of nature. But feeling homesick for my home? That does not happen in my world.



11. Even though it may seem different, I do have a normal office job (with Holland’s biggest financial institution) on the ICT department. Once a year I guide a tour in Iceland.

12. When traveling I love to go outside, where you can enjoy nature at its best. The choice between taking a metro or walking through the streets of a big city is never a hard one. Walking may be slower, but gives you the opportunity to really feel the vibe of a city.

13. Whenever I’m away from home I try to enjoy local delicacies. In gas stations, for example. Everywhere in the world you can find different varieties of (chocolate) bars,  that challenge me to buy them, and eventually eat them. Favorites are Prince Polo in Iceland and Super Ocho in South America.

14. I enjoy traveling in June and July on the Northern Hemisphere, since we have long days with lots of light. These long days make sure that whenever things are not always cooperating, you can still be outside and enjoy nature until late in the evening (see point 12).

15. As a tourleader I know that you can’t plan everything in advance. Sometimes your goals cannot be reached, due to weather circumstances, for example. By realizing this I can easily adjust my goals when it’s clear they can’t be reached. As they say in the climbing world:  “better safe than sorry.”

16. The mountains always call out to me to climb them. This probably has to do with the lack of mountains in The Netherlands and my affinity with mountaineering.

17. Iceland has a unique landscape that you will not find anywhere else in the world. This is why this land has stole a piece of my heart. The location on the Mid-Atlantic Ridge and the large volcanic activity (it’s a hotspot) always make it a pleasure to travel through Iceland or guide a tour here.

18. In my mind I often wander back to the various places we have been to. This is why I can easily retrieve locations from my mind. Some people have a Eiditic memory, for me this happens with locations. I have a great sense of location and have never been lost before.

19. One of the best moments when I’m home again, is the moment when I cycle out of the street. Whether this is on my city bike, racing bike or mountain bike does not really matter. When traveling it’s unfortunately not always possible to rent a bike and cycle a bit, so it’s something I miss when not home.

20. I like sportive challengers. Whether it’s climbing mountains or a multi-day trekking. Finishing the half marathon this year and a MTB marathon in Germany last year are achievements I’m proud of.


21. Our whole house shows that we are travelers. We hung up printed and canvas photos all over, in our toilet is a birthday calendar with travel pics and in our bookcase there are many travel guides. Oh, and our huge attic is filled with outdoor/climbing/sport/cycle/hiking gear. We have three tents, eights bicycles, ten pairs of hikingboots and about fifteen outdoor jackets.

22. We travel al lot but not always together. Anto travels for work occasionally but she also enjoys visiting friends who live abroad. Over the past period of time she made various press trips for we12travel and the other channels she writes for. Martijn prefers to head out into the mountains with his friends and travels to Iceland as a tour leader. Even though we live together, it happens from time to time what we barely see each other. Boring? Not really, it keeps our relationship healthy and makes coming home even better.

23. How we pick our next “far away destination”? One year Anto picks, the other year Martijn does. Of course we always negotiate and  eventually pick a place we both love to travel to. Our wishlist is really long, destinations that we are choosing from for our next trip are Tasmania, Japan, South Africa, Nepal and the Northwest Coast of the USA (Oregon and Washington).

24. Our best trip ever was 6 weeks in New Zealand in 2011. Back then, everything was right. Well, almost everything. We had good weather for 5.5. weeks, were able to do all the trekkings we planned and did not get sick. People were as friendly as we remembered them, we camped on the most beautiful places and were in the middle of nature for 6 weeks. It truly was a dream trip.

25. If we ever win a million, we won’t stop working but we will buy a second house in New Zealand. We’ll spend our summer here in The Netherlands to earn money and during our wintertime we’ll live in New Zealand, enjoying nature, the mountains and the endless network of tramping tracks. So Mr. Millionaire, in case you are reading this, would you be so kind … ?

That’s our pick of 25 random travel facts about us. Now come on and share yours!

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  • Margherita @The Crowded Planet

    I really loved reading this Anto! So many interesting info about you and Martijn, and your house sounds great. I also use trekking poles when I go hiking, I agree with you it’s much better to distribute strength and for balance. I went on a hike a few days ago when I didn’t have my poles and really missed them!

    • anto

      Yay, another trekking pole fan! Hiking is so much easier with them, I sometimes feel like a cripple when I don’t have them wit me in the mountains … sigh!

  • Serena

    Interesting reading!
    I also never feel” homesick” when I travel, the only thing I actually miss is my privacy after some days and occasionally my bed.
    Actually I’m always very happy if I can go outside of Italy, and often I suffer from a reverse cultural “shock” when coming back. LoL.
    I also prefer walking in cities, rather than taking public transport, but of course it depends with whom I’m travelling. In Paris last spring I was by myself and I took the metro just once in 3 days. My legs were numb in the end but it’s been totally worth it!

    • anto

      I remember you wrote about walking in Paris. That’s a really large site. Last time we were in Berlin we decided to take the metro for some long distances so win time, so eventually it’s not entirely true that we alway walk, but at least most of the time we do 🙂

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