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Travel blogger life: Lisbon calling!

Good morning from Lisbon everyone! I meant to prepare a post for you called Naples in pictures earlier this week. Because basically, you can’t go on one city trip one month later and then not write about the previous one, right?

Last week was busy. BUSY! I worked on the blog each night until about midnight and went to a travel bloggers event in Amsterdam, organized by Verkeersbureaus and hosted by Endemol. So basically I slept for about 5-6 hours each night. Then on Friday I went to the airport to sleep at citizenM because we were flying out on Saturday at 06.55 am and guess what, there was a big electricity outage meaning all trains were down for most of the day… so it was a 3 hour journey instead of 1.5 hours. Another night short of sleep.

And now I’m in Lisbon with my friends, to celebrate 16 years of friendship. Guess what, my room doesn’t have wifi. Good or bad? Well, it’s bad because I planned on finishing my Naples post but I guess it’s also good in  a way because I can’t check my phone every minute. However, I found a way to use the wifi of the other building (you are either creative or you are not) so now I’m sitting in the hallway with 1 little bit of a signal, typing this post. I wanted to upload more pics of Naples and then realized, I never put the Naples pictures on this laptop, only on our NAS at home. Technically I could access that from here but you know what, with just 1 stripe of signal, I’m not even going to bother. Instead, I’m just going to have breakfast in 30 minutes.

So I’ve basically got no story and no pictures for you today. Just the great news that this is just 1 out of 10 trips in the 4 months coming up. And yes, I will basically be working fulltime in between as well. The life of a travel blogger … crazy life as I’m calling it by now : – ) Here are some pictures of Lisbon, just a couple because uploading them takes forever…


Have a great Sunday everyone… lots of love from Lisbon where I’m going to walk around like a lobster today. 25 Degrees and sunny … yes it caused me to get a massive sunburn!



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