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Top Trails of Germany presents: the 1st “Blogger Wandertag”

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You won’t be surprised when I tell you that doing press trips is one of the good things about being a travel blogger. The real icing on the cake however, are those trips that actually fit right into your niche and that you can do at your own leisure (so without doing site inspections at hotels or having too many business meetings with people that you don’t plan on writing about anyway). Our next trip is one of those! A while ago, we were asked by Top Trails of Germany if we were interested in joining their first ever “Blogger Wandertag” (Blogger Hiking Day) which is going to take place at May 9th, which is actually during the upcoming weekend! During this weekend, on each of the 15 Top Trails of Germany, a blogger will be present to walk and share their experiences with their readers. Ofcourse we said “yes!” straight away, because we just can’t ever say no to hiking, can we?

When we were asked which trail would have our interest, we immediately picked the Harzer Hexenstieg in Niedersachsen for this weekend. It’s about a 4 hour drive from where we live, so within easy reach for the weekend. In addition, we heard nothing but good stories about this area from friends and family who have visited previously. The Harzer Hexenstieg is 94 km long and runs from Osterode through the Harz Mountains to Thale, also passing the Brocken along the way, which is at 1.141 meters the highest mountain in this region. Unfortunately, we are not going to do the whole hike, however we will try sections of it and of course share our experiences with you!

On Friday we climbing Brocken because you can’t really go to the Harz without climbing the tops, right? On Saturday we are going to walk with a guide who will hopefully be able to explain us more about this area. From what we’ve heard, there’s a rich history with witches and magic which we are very eager to learn about, as well at the natural environment, the woods and the many lakes. Then we still have Sunday morning left but what we are going to do, will also depend on the weather, which at this moment is not looking too promising…

We have done various (parts of) the Top Trails of Germany before such as the Rothaarsteig and the Hermannshöhen. In addition, we’ve tried various parts of the lesser known Kellerwaldsteig and Rotwein wanderweg. Those trails always have been a true pleasure to explore. Their markings were beyond perfect and the areas they led us through were definitely stunning. No wonder why some of them they are called Top Trails of Germany, they definitely have something to be proud of here.


In our turn, we are proud to be participating in this big project. After the Outdoors Finland project we were a part of last summer, this is the second big outdoor/adventure minded blogger program we are participating in. As the only foreign blog, we are happy to be in and will do our best to promote this area to our fans as good as we can…

If you are interested in following us and other bloggers throughout this weekend, follow us with the hashtag #TTwandern on our social media. All we have to do now is pack (we just came home from another trip less than 36 hours ago), enjoy the trail and hope that the weather will be in our favor…

Bis Bald!

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