Uitzicht in het Saarland

Things to do in Saarland in Germany

One of the lesser known regions in Germany is the Saarland region. Saarland is located in the southwest corner of Germany, against the border triangle with France and Luxembourg. Because it is just a little further away than the Eifel and Moselle from where I live (The Netherlands), the beautiful area is often skipped and that is a shame, because there are many beautiful things to see and do. Here are our tips for your holiday in Saarland and the best sights in the Saarland in Germany.

Glamping in het Saarland
Glamping in Saarland

First of all: your vacation in Saarland

Good to know is that the Saarland is about a 4/5 hours drive from Utrecht and therefore just too far for a night away. Although it is one of the smaller regions of Germany, there are many sights in Saarland that you should absolutely not miss. I therefore recommend that you go on holiday to Saarland for at least 2 or 3 nights so that you are not only in the car, but can also fully enjoy the time that you have to spend there. You will find the best options for overnight stays in the Saarland here.

Bostalsee and the Celtic RIng Wall
Bostalsee and the Celtic Ring Wall

National Park Hunsrück-Hochwald

The Hunsrück-Hochwald National Park is located on the border of Rheinland-Pfzalz and Saarland. The nature reserve with the low mountains offers the visitor countless hiking trails, deep forests and beautiful views. At the visitor center you can book a walk with a guide (recommended!) who will tell you all about the origin of the Hunsrück and the conservation of nature in the Saarland region.

A guided walk in the national park
A guided walk in the national park

The Celtic ring wall near Otzenhausen

Are you interested in history or do you like to see a very special building in the middle of nature? Then I can recommend a visit to the Celtic ring wall of Otzenhausen. This formation is located on the Dollberg near the village of Otzenhausen in Saarland. The defensive wall dates from the period 450 BC until three centuries after. The length of the boundary wall is 2,210 meters and the height is about 10 meters, once this was even 20 meters. You can visit the ring wall for free and if you are interested in learning more about it, the Keltenpark Otzenhausen is worth a visit as well.

The Celtic ring wall near Otzenhausen
The Celtic ring wall near Otzenhausen

The Bostalsee, Nonnweiler

If it is a hot day and you want to cool down, make sure to visit the Bostalsee near Nonnweiler. This reservoir is a wonderful place to swim or bathe on one of the sandy beaches or grassy patches. In addition, boats are rented out and you can also stand up paddleboard here.

A quiet section of the Bostalsee in Saarland Germany
A quiet section of the Bostalsee

Visit Biosphäre Bliesgau

The Bliesgau biosphere is a special nature reserve on the border with France. Here you will find countless hiking and biking trails, organic farms and fine viewpoints. We visited Haus Lochfeld and took a short walk of about an hour to the Heidekopf Turm, a lookout tower that lets you see as far as the forests of the Pfalz and the French Vosges. Around Haus Lochfeld you can do a Biosphären walking route of 1.5 kilometers. Haus Lochfeld’s terrace is open on weekend days only.

View from the Heidekopf Turm
View from the Heidekopf Turm

Sleeping in a tiny house on the Glamping Resort

In the very south of the Saarland region, on the border with France, lies the beautiful Glamping Resort Biosphäre Bliesgau. This glamping resort consists of a number of spherical tiny houses that are suitable for 2 people. The cottage is fully equipped, including a private bathroom, air conditioning, television and a Nespresso machine. You cannot cook there, but you can have breakfast delivered. Prices and availability can be found here.

Glamping in Duitsland
Glamping Resort Biosphäre Bliesgau

A visit to Saarbrücken

Fancy a city trip? Then a visit to the beautiful city of Saarbrücken is recommended. The Ludwigskirche is one of the most prominent baroque churches in Germany. Of course you will also find countless cozy cafes, shops and you can enjoy yourself at the former industrial estate Völklinger Hütte, which is now used for art and exhibitions.

Hike a section of the Saar-Hunsrück Steig

The Saar-Hunsrücksteig is one of the most beautiful long-distance trails in Germany and has been growing in popularity in recent years. The total distance of the trail is 410 kilometers, but you can of course also walk short parts or day stages. Many properties in the area have a pick-up and drop-off service where they pick you up and / or drop you off to / from the trail.

hiking in germany
Hiking on the Saar-Hunsrück-Steig

Conclusion and disclaimer

Hopefully I have given you some tips for what to do in Saarland in Germany. It is still a relatively unknown region, but at least as beautiful as, for example, the Eifel and the Moselle. This article contains affiliate links. If you make a purchase through such a link, we may receive a modest commission at no additional cost to you.

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