The Outdoor Life – week 16

[This blog was supposed to go online last Monday. However – I caught a cold on Friday and got bronchitis on top of that on Sunday. So I spent 48 hours in bed – by the time this goes online, I’ll hopefully have recovered a bit … ]

Spring has started and lots of adventures are around the corner. And I mean LOTS! When doing some calculations and agenda checking during last Friday’s lunch break at work, I realized that there are no more 5 day (fulltime) working weeks for me until September. This obviously doesn’t mean that I won’t be working, but I’m just not there fulltime anymore. Most weeks are 4 days, there are some 3 days and even a 2-day working week. Then there are a couple of weeks I’m not there at all because I’m on a longer trip. This spring and summer are most welcome and I’m really looking forward to it all. I’ve had enough of winter. And the cold. And the boring life. I can’t stretch how happy I am that next winter we’ll be spending 3 weeks in Nepal, followed by 4 weeks in Tasmania, so we’re basically skipping half of the winter. Hallelujah!  It’s time to get out and explore what’s out there! So as I’ll be outdoors as much as I can over the upcoming months, I figured it would be nice to share a peek into the outdoor life with you. Like I did last year with the plog, but then without the daily shit and selfies that didn’t add anything to the story. Something I’ve learned over the past year…

Since there are 8 trips coming up over the upcoming months I will not have time to write about them all before summer ends, however by sharing my Outdoor Moments with you I still hope to show you my whereabouts and what we’ve been up to.

Monday – time for some fresh air
Normally I hit the gym right after work each Monday but since I’m stuck with a tendon inflammation in my left wrist, there’s no power training for me at the moment. After work I receive a phonecall from a family-member regarding his health. The news is not good so I decide to head out for an evening stroll to gather my thoughts. The sunset is beautiful and cheers me up again… kind of. 


Tuesday – just work
Nothing special, I work from 11am – 10pm so other than cycling to work and going for a lunch break stroll, no outdoor life for me today…

Wednesday – meeting fellow TRLT folks in Utrecht
It’s all over the news, today is going to be the warmest day of the year. As it happens, Shane Dallas aka The Travel Camel is in Holland at the moment. Together with Savannah from Sihpromatum he hosts the #TRLT chat on Twitter each Tuesdaynight and Martijn and he know each other from Finland. So I take the afternoon off and head over to Utrecht, where we stroll along the canals, go canalbiking (well, I have to say I was being canal-biked, Martijn and Shane did all the work) and we went to see the Miffy statue. I bet you didn’t know that Miffy is from Holland, right?


Thursday – taking a bike ride
After dinner I head out to Duiven, the town where I grew up, to visit my dad for a cup of tea. The ride is about 10km which takes me just over 35 minutes, mostly because of the traffic lights that are not really cooperating and leave me waiting for minutes…


Friday – camping time!
Today the annual tourleader weekend of the company I work for starts. In case you didn’t know yet, Martijn guides a tour for us once a year, usually in Iceland but this summer for the first time in Alaska. So when he participates in the workshops, I train our Alaska tourguides. This event is held at a fieldwork research station and even though there is plenty space for everyone to sleep, we usually pitch up our tent in the field and sleep in silence rather then next to snoring colleagues.


Saturday – woken up by a woodpecker
It’s 05.19 on my phone when I hear a trrrrrrrr …. A woodpecker has installed himself on a branch above our tent. I can’t imagine a more beautiful way to wake up. The rest of the day I follow courses and sit outside in the sun, together with the Alaska guides.

morning-view sunrise-apeldoorn

Sunday – worst day of the week
No need to add anything. Today sucks. I spend the afternoon at a friend’s place who made Jamie Oliver’s Hummingbird cake but as soon as I get home, I jump into bed, only to get back out 48 hrs later…

It wasn’t the best week in my Outdoor Life however it could’ve been worse. Next week will be a lot more exciting, at least if all goes as planned, I will hike 32km along the longest bridge in The Netherlands together with my friend Marieke. Stay tuned!

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