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The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket review

Tested in Norway: the North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket

As always, prior to going on a new adventure, I take a long hard look at my hiking gear. Is there something missing? Are any of the items torn or broken? Due to the fact that the soon to be explored area will be pretty unforgiving, I double check my equipment and I realize that my current jacket is not up to the task anymore. The (summer) temperatures in this area vary between -5 and +25 degrees. Welcome to the Dovrefjell, Norway. So time to go and find a new jacket. My preferences? First of all it has to be sturdy, the enormous diversity of this National Park with its slippery rocks and muddy tracks will have me stumbling and falling at least a few times. Secondly, it has to be water-resistant, it has to withstand the heavy rain and snowfall which aren’t uncommon in this area. Finally it has to be breathable and light. After some research on the internet I found what I was looking for in the North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket. And already upon arrival my heart skipped a beat as the package weight almost nothing.
Once at the bottom of Snøhetta in Norway (measuring 2.286m and one of the tallest mountains in the country) I notice how well the jacket fits. The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket does not have any unnecessary seams or pockets so my large backpack fits like a charm. Unlike some jackets that have way too many features which actually make it difficult to comfortably fit a 22 kg weighing backpack without a shoulderstrap starting to scrape over a seam or an oddly placed pocket. This does sound like a minor detail but believe me, after a couple of hours of scraping straps you start to realize how important well placed seams on a jacket really are.
While hiking, the sun decides to welcome my presence here and again I am incredibly happy with my new jacket. Now the large ventilation zippers underneath both arms prove to be very useful, they consist of strong material and are easy to open. After a few hours it starts to rain and eventually it even snows, I quickly close the vents and put on the hood of the jacket. It fits quite snug and provides me with protection from the weather without blocking my sight. At this moment I realize I forgot to bring my gloves, luckily the inner jacket is made of fleece which covers my hands and keeps me warm easily.
The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket review
After 13 hours of walking I descend on the north slope of the mountain and pitch up my tent. It’s still snowing, but luckily the jacket protects me well against the cold. During the night I sleep in my isolating fleece. After four days I exit the area safe and sound, partly thanks to this amazing North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket. Looking back at this adventure, I’m super happy that I invested in the purchase of this jacket and I can truly recommend this jacket to anyone heading into the outdoors, whether it’s for a short stroll in the woods or a longer trek in the mountains. The North Face Men’s Evolution II Triclimate winter jacket is definitely good value for money.
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