the north face cesium anorak product review
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The North Face Cesium Anorak product review

Summer is well on its way and just a few weeks ago, it was about time to check my outdoor gear for the summer. I was somewhat surprised that I couldn’t find my summer rain jacket anywhere. It’s a lightweight one from Patagonia that I once bought on sale at REI in Alaska. I borrowed it to a friend last summer and received it back as well, but I just have no idea where I put it… I looked everywhere but since our house is one big outdoor factory it seems, I just had no idea where it could have disappeared to. Right at that moment, The North Face asked me if I’d be willing to test their North Face Cesium Anorak, an ultra light rain jacket that is perfect for wearing in the summer while hiking and/or running.
As I wrote earlier, I always enjoy it when a new package is delivered to our house. It generally contains pretty cool outdoor gear. When opening the box from The North Face I was instantly happy. The North Face Cesium Anorak turned out to be orange, not a color I’d have picked myself (I generally go for safe colors such as grey or blue) but I love how this one contrasts with nature. And you will be easier to track in case of emergency.
north face cesium anorak women skogafoss iceland
The North Face Cesium Anorak is a minimalistic shell that protects you against the heaviest rainfall. By using the FuseForm technique during the fabrication process, it’s not just extremely lightweight but also very durable. ‘Lighter, stronger and more durable than ever before’ is what The North Face writes on their website about the FuseForm technique, which means that there are as little seams as possible, making it very durable. Durable is always better if you ask us, so definitely a reason to choose this jacket when considering to buy one.
I first took the jacket with me to Germany when I went on a hiking weekend. Although the summer has started a while ago already, it doesn’t really appear to be like that. The jacket turned out to be incredibly useful when I was here since it kept on raining a lot. When it started pouring, I took it from my bag en wore it pretty much the rest of the weekend. Since I used it for the first time, I kind of had to get used to having to pull it on over your head, but that’s just a minor thing to consider.
The second time I tested it was when I cycled to work, on the dikes against strong winds. Always a great way to start your day. The hood of the jacket is on the large side and when it started dripping, I had to get off my bike in order to pull it tight to make sure the wind wouldn’t blow it from my head. It took a little while to actually make that work, but eventually I ended up dry at work. And not too sweaty, which is also a plus since many jackets tend to make you sweat as they are not very breathable.
The ultimate test for the North Face Cesium Anorak however was on our recent trip to Iceland. We traveled here by rental car along the south coast. As you would expect from Iceland, the weather wasn’t exactly gorgeous. The jacket however was very resistant to the heavy rainfall we got and even underneath the Seljalandsfoss (the famous waterfall you can walk behind) I did not get wet. Well OK I did, but the raindrops stayed right on my jacket. I think that the people who stood here after me, got a bit more soaked, listening to the screams…
north face cesium anorak seljalandsfoss
When visiting Reykjavík for Midsummer, we climbed Mount Esja to attend an open air concert from the Icelandic band Gus Gus. It was windy, it rained and it was extremely cold, I’d say about five degrees only. Gotta love the Icelandic summers! While I was wearing all my clothes and my beanie, Martijn wore his North Face Cesium Anorak. He put the hood over his hat and he was 100% rain proof. Eventually I also wore it while hiking and on Sólheimjökull Glacier and took the chance to sit underneath some of the melting ice.
north face cesium anorak

Anto about the North Face Cesium Anorak:

It’s a fine rain jacket I can easily take anywhere with me. I’m carrying it with my in my bag when cycling to work or when walking along the banks of the Rhine. For future travels this one will definitely travel along with me. I had to get used to pulling it on because it only has a short zipper but I quickly got used to that. The only thing I still have to get used to is that the jacket just has one pocket. I generally were quite a few things in my pocket when hiking (iPhone, lipbalm, tissues since I’ve always got a running nose) but with this jacket, the possibilities for that a bit limited. Out of 10, this jacket would receive a 9 from me!
north face cesium anorak

Martijn about the North Face Cesium Anorak:

It’s a great lightweight shell that I will be wearing a lot when running with poor weather. In Iceland it was a perfect add on to my other North Face shell which I’ve been wearing for years now. Just like Antonette I miss having a second pocket to put my stuff in, but I’ll get used to that. The only thing I’m wondering about is whether the jacket will be strong enough to be worn on multi-day hikes, which we tend to do a lot. We’ll see in the future how that goes. My number? An eight!
As you can see, our jackets have already done quite some traveling over the past month. They will be joining us a lot more often in the future. This summer we are Brand Ambassadors of The North Face. You can expect some more reviews of the cool products they have coming up. Keep an eye on our website for more reviews and updates!
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  • Mar Pages

    I really like that North Face products are quite consistent with quality. I think its great you got orange too, it looks really striking in photos!

  • Megan

    I’ve had great luck with North Face in the past and will likely need to get a good one for this winter. Great to learn more about this lightweight option. In California I don’t need anything too heavy.

  • anna

    That’s awesome. North face products are a staple in our outdoor gear. Sad you lost your old one, but glad a better jacket came your way. Thanks for this review!

  • Karla

    I love northface products. I have been looking for a new wind breakfer or down jacket . But this one seems like a good out door gear. I shall check it out.

  • Merijn

    Hi, have you already made a multi-day hike with a big backpack? Next summer I will go to the Pyrenees for 2 weeks with a big backpack and I’m looking for a good rain jacket. But I’m not sure or this jacket is strong enough. Do you know or this jacket will be strong enough?

    • anto

      Hi! Nope unfortunately not. However I’ve used it more and more often and think that for a multi-day hike I’d rather choose a stonger one that actually has more pockets and options …

  • Juli

    Hi! Thank you for the review! And really nice photos) Could you tell me about your height and this jacket’s size? I am choosing between S and M sizes now, and I can’t decide. I am going to use this jacket for running

    • anto

      Hi Juli! Thanks for leaving a comment. I’m 170 cm tall and was wearing a Medium size which was perfect. I could’ve worn an S too probably but that would have been too tight. I wish you lots of fun with the jacket, cheers!

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