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The most amazing viewpoints in Fjord Norway

NORWAY …  a place everyone I talk to wants to go. I seriously don’t recall ever talking to someone who said they wouldn’t be interested in going there. Norway is wanted. And famous. For its stunning nature, the fjords and the mountains. For its inspiring landscapes, great outdoor and adventure activities and being incredibly expensive. We were among the lucky ones to be able to afford a week in Norway last spring.
It’s needless to say that the fjords are best observed from above. While hiking up will usually give you the best views, it’s not necessary to always hike up to get stunning views. We’ll share our favorite viewpoints in Fjord Norway with you … and only one of them can be reached by foot, the rest of them you can just drive to in the comfort of your car or motorhome.  You can’t expect us to not mention something active, right?

1. Dalsnibba

At 1.500 meters above sealevel, this might be one of the finest viewpoints in Fjord Norway. At first we were a bit hesitant if we should go up because we had to pay for it. We’re are Dutch after all and paying for a view seemed a bit strange, but since we figured we’d probably be there just once in our lives, we decided to cough up the crowns and drive the Nibbevegen all the way up to Dalsnibba. The road is narrow and windy so if you feel motionsick easily (like me!) make sure to take a pill (or two) before driving up. Once on the top, the view is stunning. All the way down below you will see the tourist town of Geiranger and the Geiranger Fjord. And all around you there are mountains. And wilderness. Just perfect…
dalsnibba-signdalsnibba-martijn dalsnibba-roaddalsnibba-together

2. Flydalsjuvet

If you don’t fancy paying for the access to Dalsnibba, a great alternative is Flydalsjuvet. About half way down the drive from the road down to Geiranger (hard to miss, there’s only one road down to Geiranger, pretty much) you will find this viewpoint. What can we say, almost as impressive as Dalsnibba and … it’s free!

3. Stegastein

Probably one of the most famous viewpoints in Fjord Norway. Stegastein has been open since 2006 and gives your splendid (don’t you just hate that word?) views over the Aurlandsfjord. We came here in the early morning (about 8.00 am) in June and had the whole place to ourselves, except for a jacket that some left behind. However, if you find yourself unlucky, you might not be the only one …
At the end of the platform there’s a glass wall, making it feel like you are right at the fjord. You can access Stegastein for free, it’s about a 6 km drive from the town of Aurland. The road up (RV 243) between Aurland and Lærdal is quite a challenge as in many places it’s just wide enough for one car. Imagine having to drive your motorhome up… good luck!
stegastein-panorama stegastein-view stegastein-walk stegastein-aurland martijn-at-stegastein anto-at-stegastein

4. Rimstigen

Upon arrival in Norway, the first hike we made was up to Rimstigen. A sturdy uphill walk and relatively unknown by tourists, but the best hike in the area, according to the owner of the apartment we rented. The way up made me grasp for breath more than once and after deciding to quit at least 10 times (it was just one of those days) we eventually made it to the Rimstigen viewpoint with a superb vista of the UNESCO Nærøyfjord. What can I say, a priceless way to start your vacation in Norway. Just decide for yourself if you want to make the 2 hour hike up …
rimstigenrimstigen-1 rimstigen-3
Unfortunately, we traveled too early in the season to reach famous hiking viewpoints such as Trolltunga or Kjerag. But since you just can’t have it all in one week, that’s just one of the many good reasons to go back to Norway someday soon. But first, we’ll have to save …
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