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The best Canggu restaurants and cafes – tips for breakfast, lunch and dinner

Are you looking for the best Canggu restaurants? On my most recent trip to Bali, I stayed in Canggu for five days at the end of my trip. Just to do nothing at all, immerse myself in the relaxed atmosphere and enjoy the huge range of hip eateries that you can find here. Canggu seems to be becoming the hipster capital of Bali. Everyone is moving forward along the main street, with or without a surfboard, on a scooter or sitting with a laptop in one of the many trendy cafes that you can find here. Here you will find countless good restaurants, cafes and spots to settle down and enjoy the good life. Here are my favorite cafes and nicest restaurants in Canggu on Bali.

Motion Cafe

Motion Cafe is definitely one of my favorite places to eat in Canggu. This small cafe offers all kinds of fitness food, from amazing breakfasts to super healthy dinner. This is in fact the only place I came back to twice as it was so cute. For breakfast I had the poached eggs on avocado and dinner was a burger with fries. The homemade avocado mayonaise was truly awesome!
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Vida is a trendy cafe and espressobar with some indoor seating and a nice garden as well. They serve amazing breakfasts and even though I wasn’t too hungry at the time of my visit, I couldn’t resist the urge to order the pancake stack. Even though it doesn’t look massive on the picture, I couldn’t eat it all, despite me being a generally big eater. Just so you know …
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Metta Cafe

If you are looking for small scale place with lower prices than the hipster cafes, Metta Cafe is a good choice. It actually was a random pick as I was looking for a quiet place to have dinner after having been sick with the infamous Bali Belly for a day. I choose their Soto Ayam for recovery and it was truly delicious!
Restaurant Canggu

I Am Vegan Babe

The above mentioned places are all on the main street, this is a bit further away. I am Vegan Babe is the place to be for amazing vegan breakfasts and lunches. I had their quesedilla’s for lunch and had a few of their juices later in the afternoon, such at the Athlete and their homemade lemonade.

Monsieur Spoon

This French bakery is definitely one of the most popular places in town. People from all over Canggu come here for a french croissant or any of their other delicious baked goods. They have indoor seating as well as a large outdoor garden area. I had their super bealthy bowl, made with dragon fruit. Yummie!
Ontbijten in Canggu

The Green Guru

A nice place on the main street that they say have the best smoothie bowls in Bali is the Green Guru. To be honest, the bowls they serve are really beautiful. I took the Gandhi bowl with peanut butter and chocolate. Sounds like a strange combination, but it was truly divine!
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Overnighting in Canggu

Are you looking for a nice place to stay in Canggu? There are few large hotels and resorts, you will mainly find small homestays and local accommodations. I had a super nice homestay in Canggu right on the rice fields: Pondok Homestay.

Zonsondergang Canggu
Sunset Canggu

Conclusion and disclaimer best Canggu restaurants

Hopefully I didn’t make you too hungry, but I did provide you with all the information you were looking for. If you, like me, travel alone to Bali as a woman, be sure to check out my article about safe solo travel in Bali as a woman.
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