The Bali Swing: a playground for adults in Bali

The Bali Swing

Swinging in Bali at the Bali Swing

Before I jumped on a plane to Bali I’d already seen pictures of the Bali Swing on Instagram. However when I asked about it while in Ubud, it turned out that The Bali Swing was not known by everyone. You can use a swing in Bali on various spots, yet my aim was to swing above the gorge as seen on pictures, not just somewhere in the middle of the rice fields. And so I jumped into a taxi that took me to The Bali Swing, located just about a 30 minute drive from Ubud. Upon arrival I found out that it had only been opened a few months earlier, so it wasn’t a coincidence that not everyone yet knew about it.
My travel companion and I receive a warm welcome upon arrival at The Bali Swing. We are asked to sign a waiver and are then introduced to the concept. After paying a 35 US Dollar entrance fee, you get to stay as long as you want. You can use all four swings as many times as you like, eat your heart out at the Balinese buffet and grab non-alchoholic drinks from the fridge.
At first glance, The Bali Swing looks like a playground for adults. As it’s already half way during the afternoon, I first decide to have some lunch and mentally prepare myself for swinging above a deep gorge. I’ve actually heard people scream before because you will really be right above the gorge and it’s not just your average playground swing. The first swing is for warming up, you will face towards the restaurant so you will get used to the feeling of being on a huge swing and do not immediately look into the gorge. You still will be secured though and an employee of The Bali Swing will push you. Anyone accompanying you will be able to take as many pictures as they want, from the positions they want. Which is awesome since there are no hidden costs in buying pictures or videos afterwards…
schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing
After this small swing there is a larger swing. This time I put my face towards the gorge and the first time I’m being let go from the stool, the butterflies are going right through my stomach. I feel like a little kid again: careless and free. After spending a few minutes on this swing, it’s time to head to the serious business: the big swing! Here you will be secured in a full-on harness so it’s not one to make pretty pictures. This one is purely made for adrenaline and the moment I was released, a giant scream escaped from my mouth. I just loved it!
After this we want to try standing on one of the swings, which actually requires quite a lot of balancing. After the employees of The Bali Swing found out were were bloggers, we got the royal treatment, and so we had to take many poses and our drinks were being handed over to us. We took place in the several bird nests on the premises for more pictures and even though they are nice when traveling with your boyfriend (which I was not as a single lady) I did not really feel the need to do this โ€ฆ however I still decided to pose while the sweat was dripping off my face because trust me, the swining still requires a bit of energy, especially when you want to stand or do a pose.
After a few hours at The Bali Swing all the energy was gone. As I said, it takes quite a bit of power in your body to strike a nice pose and it’s Bali after all, where it’s always hot and humid. And so we left The Bali Swing after a couple of hours and headed back to Ubud, a fun experience behind us.
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schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing

schommelen op bali bij the bali swing
Also want to swing in Bali? The Bali Swing is by far the coolest on the island. On many locations you will find free swings, none of them as awesome as this one.

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[I was given free admittance to The Bali Swing in return for an honest review. All opinions are, as always, entirely my own.]

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