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And that’s another Liebster round!

Wow – the Liebster Award has been going around a lot these days. We received our first nomination this spring (you can find our answers here), the second one came from Samantha from That Wandering Wanderluster in May and the last one recently came from Carissa at Start Wandering. Since Martijn is continuously on the road nowadays, Anto will answer the questions and then nominate the next bloggers!

The Liebster Award is not a real “award”, but it’s more like a chance to get to know new emerging blogs. It’s like a sort of virtual chain: you answer the 10 questions asked by the blogger who nominated you and at the end it’s your turn to nominate other bloggers.

Big THANK YOU to Samantha and Carissa for nominating us and giving us enough inspiration for another Sunday Social Travel Talk. Here goes!

Samantha’s questions and Anto’s answers:

1. What’s the kindest thing a stranger on the road has done for you?
Replaced a flat tire. In the middle of the Canadian wilderness that is. We ventured out onto a logging road to hike a wilderness trail, only to experience the road was a wee bit worse than we expected and our brand new Chrysler Sebring rental didn’t really like it at all. Back then (talking 2004 here) we had no experience changing tires whatsoever so the strangers came out as a welcome help.

2. What is the best story a stranger has ever told you?
So many things! Last year we were hiking in Aspen and we got chatting with some fellow hikers. The story about how they met through postcards was just awesome!

3. If you had a week to live and an unlimited budget where would you head to?
New Zealand! With a private jet to avoid a layover to get me there a.s.a.p.

4. What is the strangest travel experience you have ever had?
Nothing that strange really. Maybe because I’m pretty open minded and would not consider something “strange” very quickly…

5. What is your recommended travel hack?
The Las Vegas 20 Dollar trick worked well for us and made up for a fun experience!

Viva Las Vegas!

6. If you could only take three things with you on a deserted island what would you take?
My sunglasses, a book and Martijn of course.

7. Where was your best beach experience?
We’re not really the beach kind of people and can count the number of times we were at a beach on both hands. Sun bathing on a beach that is… However, does landing with a bushplane on a deserted beach in Katmai NP, Alaska, count? And seeing grizzlies all around you just like that on that same beach? If that counts, then this would be it!

A Coastal Brown bear walking over the landing tracks the plane just made

8. What was your most disgusting travel food experience?
The European food they served us in Cambodia. We were tired of Asian food and tried some European style things but they were fried to the bone and tasteless. Next time we’ll stick to Asian cuisine instead …even if we’re longing for some fries or a pizza.

9. What made you start blogging?
My passion for sharing our adventures and the great outdoors.

10. What is your best travelling tip?
Take your time. Rushing things will only make you long to go back because you didn’t see all you wanted while you were there….

Carissa’s questions and Anto’s answers:

1. Where in the world are you right now?
Home! Which is Arnhem, a town in The Netherlands.

2. Can you pinpoint the exact moment you knew this was what you wanted to do?
This as in traveling? Sure, that was when I went to an airport for the very first time (not to travel but to watch the planes) and I was amazed by all those people, planes and suitcases. Then I knew it was my destiny.

3. When travelling, what is your biggest challenge?
Not gaining any weight. Try that when being offered two 3 course meals a day or staying on an all inclusive boat trip to the end of the world… Argentinean breakfasts and visits to Canada’s Tim Horton haven’t been easy to skip. Oh and putting down the camera, too. I’ve been telling myself more and more often to enjoy the moment and not just watch it through a lens…

Put that thing down!

4. Do you take tours when you travel or explore on your own?
Both, however we usually explore on our own but enjoy going on a tour every now and then, too. It really depends on the destination and whether we speak the language or not. Sometimes it’s even required to take a tour, for example when hiking the Inca Trail.

5. Name something, other than your passport, that if you lost in your baggage you couldn’t live without?
My contact lenses. I carry them in my hand luggage however the spare ones are in my check in luggage. I wouldn’t be happy if I’d lose them.

6. What is your favorite airport and airport experience worldwide?
Hmmm good one, that made me think for a while. I really enjoyed Singapore a lot because they had a beautiful butterfly garden and they have Hard Rock Café…

7. What are the essentials you take on a plane, or long haul bus ride?
A book, my iPhone and charger and my laptop so I can write stories. Other than that, a bottle of water and lipbalm. That’s about it, I try to check in as much as I can because of the hassle carrying it all over the airport…Here is a blog post we wrote about this earlier. 

8. What was the most confronting travel experience you’ve had, and why didn’t it stop you?
We’ve mostly traveled to fairly western countries. We were shocked however to learn about the lives of the Inca Trail porters and their hard work, yet it was the only way to get on the trail so we still used their services. If we could have avoided it, we would have. However, this was 7 years ago and from what we’ve heard, rules have been made and are becoming stricter to protect the porters nowadays.

9. Was there a destination that surprised you and you fell in love with automatically?
New Zealand, back in 2002. I went backpacking “Down Under” and added NZ just because everyone told me I should, however my main goal was Australia. Looking back at it, New Zealand just stole my heart straight away and I should have spent much more time there…

Sit and stare … in Nelson Lakes NP, New Zealand

10. What does your first day consist of in a new city?
We usually only stay in a new city for a day (or less) as we enjoy the outdoors more. So it’s about adjusting to the new time zone (if applicable) and then carrying on to our next destination.

11. You’re at your favourite travel destination, and you have $10 left what do you do with it? 
Spend it on gas to drive to my favorite national park, go for a hike and forget about the rest of the world…

I know I’m supposed to nominate 10 more bloggers but I just don’t know anyone that hasn’t received the Liebster recently yet. So I’ll nominate 3 other bloggers and challenge them to find 10 more that deserve the award as well … here goes!

Nina from Travelboulevard
Justin and Lauren from Justin plus Lauren 
Serena from Souvenirs of a Black Cat (don’t hate me for this my dear …)

Have fun boys and girls! Your questions are:
1. If you could not travel, what else would you spend your time on?
2. If you could not travel, what else would you spend your money on?
3. What’s your first ever travel memory?
4. Road trip or flying? Explain!
5. One thing you don’t like about traveling?
6. What’s the biggest amount of money you spent on something travel-related and was it worth it?
7. Which traveler that you met along the way will you never forget?
8. Where could you always return to?
9. Name something that a traveler should visit when coming to your home town.
10. Why do you have a travel blog?

Oh and in case you are wondering why the heck there is a cow picture on top of this post… no idea!

This post is a part of the Sunday Social Travel Talk series… each Sunday we’ll tell you something about a personal / private travel related topic. Go here to read the previous posts!

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