Salewa Alp Trainer 25l review

Tested in the Alps: the Salewa 25L Alp Trainer backpack

Product review: the Salewa Alp Trainer 25L backpack

It’s time for another product review, this time for the ladies! Recently I already published a blog written by a friend who tested the Osprey Atmos AG trekking backpack for men. This time I’m reviewing the Salewa Alp Trainer rugzak, a 25 liter backpack that I tried on various trails in the Alps over the past summer and fall.

About the Salewa Alp Trainer backpack

The Salewa Alp Trainer 25L is a backpack made for shorter alpine hikes. Think about day hikes or short multi day hikes, no more than 2/3 days. The Airfit 2.0 carrying system makes sure your back stays dry and is ideal when hiking in the mountains. This causes that you are not carrying the back of the bag directly on your back, but there is some space between the backpack and your body, ensuring maxmimum ventilation. Ik had to get used to this and adjust the settings every now and then until I found my perfect fit, however when I found this I was extremely pleased that my back wasn’t wet the entire time while hiking up or during warmer days.

The Salewa Alp Trainer 25L is an advanced backpack that has split shoulder straps making the body contact less. Some other great features of the backpack include pole fastening, on the go pockets, a raincover and a load control strap.

The backpack has a an upper compartment and a larger separate lower compartment, so it’s easy to fit all your important stuff together. They only open with a zipper, making it easy to grab things quickly. The included rain cover is large enough to cover the entire bag even when you add some things onto it (such as clothes or poles) and ensures all your stuff will remain dry in case it starts to rain. The design of the backpack is really good and has all but yet only the features you need and no unnecessary add-ons.

 Salewa Alp Trainer 25L rugzak

Improvement suggestions for this Salewa backpack

While hiking the Alpe Adria Trail for example I’ve experienced this backpack is a great choice. However there is some room for improvement which I’ll also share with you:

– The pocket on your hipbelt is attached with knots as easily comes off when trying to close the pocket with one hand. Not so handy when you have just one free hand.
– As the bottom of the bag is fairly round, you cannot put it on the ground without it tipping over. Whenever I wanted to grab something from the bag I always had to make sure that it was leaning against something.

The Salewa Alp Trainer 25L is a professional backpack for mountaineers that is designed to do whatever it needs to do.

salewa alp trainer

About Salewa Salewa

Salewa is an Italian brand by original and provides outdoor gear for ‘next level of Mountaineering.’ Their products are technical and well design in the heart of the Italian Dolomites, especially for outdoor activities in The Alps. They are one of the world leaders in the alpine product field and sell their gear in more than 30 countries in 2.500 shops world wide.

Became enthusiast?

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[We received this backpack from Salewa / Not Just Some Wear in return for this review. All given opinions are of course entirely our own.]

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