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Tasmania in pictures – week 2

Time is flying, our second week in Tasmania is already over! This also means the half-way point of our trip, something I’d rather not think about as I’m writing this. In the previous post you could read all about Hobart, Cradle Mountain National Park and how we experienced the first two days on the Overland Track. Here is week number two in iPhone pictures:


We wake up in New Pelion Hut and make our way to the base of Mt. Ossa, Tasmania’s highest peak. The plan is to climb it but the top is well covered in clouds once we arrive at the base. We still want to make our way up to higher grounds so decide to leave our bags at the junction (it’s a side-trip) and hike up. The trail is steep and sometimes slippery and I need my hands to pull myself up some huge steps that are nearly vertical. Just below the summit we arrive in the clouds and take a break. Here we decide there’s no sense in going on, there won’t be a view and it’s potentially dangerous. We decend and make our way to the cosy Kia Ora Hut for the night.


Upon waking up, it turns out the sky has cleared and it’s a bright blue sky. Today is day four and is also known as waterfall day, apart from the 4.5 hour walk through the forest you can also visit various waterfalls on side-trips. The waterfalls are pretty yet cold, I dip my feet into a stream and they cramp, bloody hell, it’s freezing. By the end of the day, we get to Bert Nichols Hut, beautifully located with a viewing platform that offers views of the Ducane Mountains.


Our last day on the Overland Track! It’s just a 3 hour walk to Narcissus Hut, where a ferry will pick us up and take us to the other end of Lake St. Clair. The last stretch of 17.5km can be walked but we figured it’s not of much intererest since all you see is the forest. We arrive at Lake St. Clair National Park in the early afternoon. Although most fellow hikers book a room at the lodge or in nearby Derwent Bridge, we opt to stay without showers for another night and camp for free in the bush. We have our first proper meal (read: burger, steak pie and fries) in 5 days and my Overland Burger is just divine!


The alarm goes off at 06.00 am as we plan to see the sunrise above Lake St. Clair. It proves well worth it and since we’re up early anyway, we decided to head out for a walk at the Aboriginal Trail during the rest of the morning. In the afternoon we catch the bus back to Hobart and we’re reunited with our clean clothes and the comforts of a shower and a normal bed. Bliss! Dinner is at Burger Got Soul (yes, another burger) and once again it’s another tasty mouthful 🙂


We’ve got a free morning in Hobart and decide to catch the ferry to MONA, the Museum of Old and New Art. We’ve heard raving stories about it and they’re true: it’s an extraordinary place that will make your head spin with inspiration. We hung out here most of the morning and then caught the bus back to Launceston and onto Evandale, where we went back in time and had an amazing pizza at the local pub.


Our first day cycling. Our bikes were dropped off at our accommodation and shortly after 8.00 am we’re off to cycle to the eastcoast and from there down back to Hobart. Our first day is a biggie, 78km through the mountains with one big mountain pass. It hurts … and it rains … and it’s far … but we make it! Evandale – Scottsdale in the pocket!


The plan is to cycle all the way to St. Helens (100km) today but with various mountain passes in the route, we quickly decide it’s not going to work. So instead we take the NE Tasmanian Railroad Track, which has been re-paved into a cyclepath. Eventually we pedal about 70km that day and end up in the historic town of Weldborough, located in the hills and without any kind of internet or cell phone reception. Scottsdale – Weldborough in the pocket!
Curious if the sun will shine again after a few days with poor weather? And if we will make it all the way down to Hobart by bike? You’ll read more about that next week. In the meanwhile, don’t forget to follow us live on Instagram and Facebook.
Cheers from Tassie!
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