Tasmania in pictures – week 1

After more than a year of waiting, the moment finally arrived when we left for Tasmania. Ever since I first went to Australia for 5 months in 2002 (and Martijn joining me for 2 months) I knew that one day I’d be back to visit the small island all the way down south in Australia, the island named after Dutch explorer Abel Tasman. Here’s our first week in iPhone pictures!


At 06.00 am Holland time, our 36 hour journey to Tasmania begins. We travel to the airport by taxi and fly to Hobart via Singapore and Melbourne. The flight is about 26 hours, the rest is spent waiting, waiting and more waiting. Border security is super easy, at home we spent hours on cleaning our outdoor gear such as tent and hiking shoes but it didn’t seem necessary. After answering a few questions about the food we bring into the country (all dried stuff for our trekkings) we are approved into Australia. Happy to be back!


After a first night’s sleep, we have the day in Hobart, Tassie’s capital. We first get breakfast at the Retro Cafe and spend the rest of the afternoon shopping for outdoor stuff and buying me a Telstra simcard with 1.3GB internet. We walk around the city but it’s windy and dark most of the time, not like we imagined it to be on our first day. We grab a burger at Pop Cafe for dinner and head to the hotel early to pack for our upcoming trek on the famous Overland Track.
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We spend the morning at the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery and learn that snakes are very active at this time of the year. The employee of the museum tells us that normally you don’t see them as a tourist, but if you go hiking on the Overland Track for example (we didn’t tell him!) we’ll see them for sure. All of them are poisonous, the pictures Tiger Snake is the 3rd most poisonous snake in the world. I’m terrified of snakes so it’s bound to be a lot of fun in the bush. In the late afternoon we catch the bus to Devonport, where we arrive just before sunset and see the Spirit of Tasmania leave to Melbourne. We have our last normal dinner (as in not from a bag) in a pub and go to bed early.


It’s an early morning when we catch the bus to Cradle Mountain National Park. It’s a hot and sunny day (our first) but upon arrival at the park, it’s quite a bit chillier. We pitch up our tent for the night, pick up our Overland Track passes and head out into the park. We hike around Dove Lake and are lucky to see Cradle Mountain out of the clouds that day. The plan is to climb it the next morning, in case the weather allows it… We also see our first kangaroos, or wallabies in fact, that are playing right in front of our tent. It’s good to be back in Oz!


We catch the earliest bus to Ronny Creek, where we are starting our 5-day trek on the Overland Track that will lead us to Lake St. Clair in the south. Upon arrival we see that it’s cloudy and drizzling, not the best start. Cradle Mountain is completely in the clouds and even after a couple of hours, once we arrive at the base, it’s still not in sight. So we decide to not climb it as Park Service clearly states you should only attempt to climb it in clear and dry weather. Our first overnight stop is the Waterfall Valley hut.


Our second day on the Overland Track! Even though there is plenty of camping space, we decided to sleep inside the hut as we are used to it and don’t mind other people (snoring) around us. It’s good to be back in the outdoors for a while! As I made a mistake in counting days for the track, we have to combine two hikes into one day and since the weather has gotten worse, we decide that’s our day. The hike to Windermere Hut goes quick (2 hrs instead of 3) and onwards to New Pelion Hut. In total we hike about 24 kms / 8 hours that day, mostly above 1.000m in beautiful alpine terrain, if visible… Especially when the sun peeks through the mountains it’s beautiful, this is what we came all the way to Tasmania for!
That was our first week in Tasmania in pictures, and with a little story as well. Wifi is super slow here and as we are off on our next adventure (cycling the eastcoast) tomorrow and we still need to pack and prepare for that, I will end here for today. More news from Tasmania next week! Until then, make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram for updates along the way.
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[PS If you are reading this and were hiking with us on the Overland Track: thanks for making it a great adventure!]


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