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    Outdoor activities and hiking in Utah

    Hiking in Utah and its National Parks Over the past couple of years we have written quite a few blogposts about our USA roadtrip and most of them were about hiking in Utah and the national parks. Since our posts about Utah are some of the most-read ones, I figured I’d gather them all on this page. Now you have a clear overview of all we have written and where to find the best tips and tricks for getting outdoors and hiking in Utah.   Sightseeing and hiking in Zion National Park Zion is probably the best place to go hiking in Utah. Their trails are amazing and there is…

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    Hiking Angels Landing in Zion – should you do it?

    Phrase from Lonely Planet about hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park:   “Sure, you get an adrenaline rush conquering your fears while hiking up steep ascents past sheer drop-offs. But this is not Disneyland. The danger is real. Loose stones can be slippery and every year people die from falls off cliffs. Even minor injuries can turn serious when difficult terrain means rescuers are hours away. Just be prepared and pay attention. We can’t believe we have to say this, but flip-flops (thongs) are not appropriate hiking footwear for Angels Landing. And parents, please keep hold of young children. We want you, and your offspring, to be reading our…

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    The best hikes in Zion National Park

    Anyone who is planning on going to the western part of the United States, should consider visiting Zion National Park. This spectacular spot is only a short drive away from Las Vegas and with its red rocks and canyons, it’s one of the most popular national parks in the US. Today we’re sharing our five favorite (day) hikes in the park with you. Angel’s Landing Together with The Narrows, this is definitely the most popular trail in the park. The rock you are about to climb is one of the famous sights in Zion and is called like this because they believed angels used this as their landing spot. The…