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    Photo habit: sitting-on-the-road

    There are pictures you always take. Such as the boring normal pose, the pose where you stare into the distance, the jumping picture or the selfie. Over the past couple of years, Anto has become a master in sitting on roads. Sometimes not very smart but still a fun thing to do. So after Martijn’s “Iceland in Selfies” movie, I’m proudly presenting my best (and only) sitting-on-the-road pictures! 1. Denali Highway, Alaska (2009) I think this was my first sitting-on-the-road picture, my colleague Karin took it when we drove a part of the Denali Highway in Alaska. It has been published in the brochure and website of the company we work for…

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    Dawson City: more than “just a town”

    “It’s twenty miles from Dawson and times are awful though” That’s the one sentence that made the most impression on me while reading “Drifting Home” by Pierre Berton. This book was recommended to me by fellow Yukon lover and colleague Danielle, whom I traveled to the Yukon with a couple of years ago. The novel is about a journey made by Mr. Berton and his family as they travel down the Yukon River in rubber rafts in search of his father’s footsteps. A father who got caught by the Klondike Gold Rush and who lived a courageous life in the wilderness of the Yukon. Switch on Discovery Channel or National…

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    The Yukon: Larger Than Life

    What does “Larger Than Life” mean to you? Something you can’t touch? Something you can’t experience or feel? Maybe something that is so big that your mind just doesn’t get it? I wasn’t sure about it, until I traveled to the Yukon a couple of years ago. Upon entering, the welcome sign said “Yukon, Larger Than Life”. Well, whoever thought of this,  they couldn’t have been more right!   Now I can hear you wonder, where the hell is the Yukon? Before I started my current job I hadn’t really heard about it, either… Well, just take a map and look up Canada. When you found Canada, go all the way…

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