• Driving in Sweden
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    Driving in Sweden – all you need to know!

    Are you considering a roadtrip in or to Sweden? Go for it! Depending on where you are from in Europe, taking your own car is much more convenient than flying and also a lot cheaper and more sustainable than traveling by plane. I went to Sweden three times by car from The Netherlands in the last year and a half and would not want anything else.   You can take as much stuff as you want, have the ultimate freedom to stay overnight and camp where you are at that moment and it’s also much cheaper than traveling by plane and with a rental car. In this article I am…

  • snowshoeing in sweden
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    Snowshoeing in Sweden on Branäsberget

    Snowshoeing in Sweden on Branäsberget It had already been quite a few years ago since I walked on snowshoes for the last time and so it was about time again. During my recent trip to Sweden, I grabbed a pair of snowshoes and started hiking again. Here’s my first blog about my outdoor week in Värmland and about snowshoeing in Sweden.   Whenever I tell my friends I have been snowshoeing, they usually have no idea what I’m actually talking about. We barely get any snow in The Netherlands and so nobody really knows what snowshoeing is. My first experience with snowshoeing was when I visited the Italian Dolomites. I…