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    Mudflat hiking: must-do or nightmare from the past?

    When translating this article from Dutch into English, I realized there is no English word for the activity I’m going to tell you about, or at least, not by my knowledge. So the best I can do is “mudflat hiking” …   For most Dutch people it’s known that mudflat hiking is about: when there’s a low tide you walk and wade on on the watershed of the mudflats or a sandbar. Especially walking to one of the Dutch Wadden Islands is a very populair activity.   In May I was asked to go mudflat hiking in the northern part of The Netherlands, which is the one place in our…

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    Why I walked 32km along the Afsluitdijk

    Click here to read this post in Dutch The actual name of this post was supposed to be “Why I walked 32km along a causeway … and why you should, too!”, but unfortunately, this proved to be too long to fit into the title bar. Also, I’m sure Google wouldn’t have liked it so a shorter version it was. The causeway I’m talking about is called the Afsluitdijk, or literally translated “Closedowndike”. This causeway was built in the early 1900’s, with the purpose of damming off the Zuiderzee from the Waddenzee and turning this latter one into a freshwater lake, nowadays called IJsselmeer. As a country that has 26% of its…