• Bali bike tour Ubud
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    Bike tour Ubud: cycling through Bali’s rice fields

    Bike tour Ubud: cycling through Bali’s rice fields Have you seen ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ where Liz Gilbert cycles through the Bali rice fields? It’s very romanticized and I figured it would be hard to find such scenery when in Bali. I had heard that the Ubud area has changed a lot over the years and that I shouldn’t expect too much of it. However being Dutch, I figured that exploring Bali by bike would be a fun activity. I looked around for a bit and eventually found a Bali bike tour by Bali Breeze tours, that promised to show me a piece of Bali that only few people visit.  …

  • the best swings in ubud
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    Swinging your way around Bali – the best swings in Ubud

    The best swings in Ubud, Bali I didn’t do it for many years, but during my recent trip in Bali I found myself on a swing again. High above a gorge, right in the middle of the Balinese jungle. For just a few moments I forgot all my worries and felt five years old again. I closed my eyes and was pulled back in time, to the long summers where I used to swing in my parents’ back yard all day long. Careless and free, not even realizing what the world had to offer me. Now, some thirty years later, I went swinging again.   You have probably seen them…

  • best hotels in ubud

    My favorite hotels in Ubud, Bali

    My four best hotels in Ubud, Bali If you visit my website more often, you may by now know I spent quite a bit of time in various hotels in Ubud over the past years. In all honesty, Ubud is quite crowded and touristic, yet I enjoyed it a lot. You can take massages for just a couple of bucks, do the amazing Campuhan Ridge Walk, chill at the pool and enjoy the most amazing Balinese foods. Ubud also is the starting point for a quite a few nice adventures, such as going to The Bali Swing and climbing the Batur volcano. I spent a little more time in Ubud…

  • hiking the campuhan ridge walk in ubud bali
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    Hiking the Campuhan Ridge Walk in Ubud, Bali

    When I first arrived in Ubud it was late at night. All I saw were city lights, taxis, scooters and a lot of tourists. This was most definitely not the Ubud I hoped to see but as I just arrived from Europe a few hours earlier, I was too tired to really think about that. The next few days I spent traveling around Ubud. I climbed Batur volcano, cycled through the rice fields north of the city and went to the Bali Swing. After a week I left Ubud behind and took off for new adventures on Gili Air ankyscd I climbed Mount Rinjani in Lombok. However upon return to…