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    Travel without social media – part 4

    When browsing through our recent posts, I realized it had been quite a while since my last Sunday Social Travel Talk, which is usually just some chit chat about things that cross my mind when I travel or when I’m home and reminiscing my past journeys. These post are actually the ones I enjoy writing the most, because they also allow me to add a little bit more personality and emotion into a post. I like to call them my guilty pleasure…   Because Nepal is still stuck in my mind and the red blood cells are still running through my veins, at least according to my colleague and Nepal…

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    Off to Nepal and Everest Base Camp!

    It’s nearly midnight while I’m writing this and although I planned to be in bed way earlier already, I’m still up and preparing for tomorrow.   The past 10 days have been weird. Life tends to punch you in the face when you are least expecting it. Right after we launched we12travel 4.0 I got sick. First I got a nasty cold but two days later, this turned into a bronchitis. On Monday I left the office sick, on Tuesday I spent my whole day in bed and on Wednesday I went to see the doctor. I couldn’t breathe at all and had no idea how I was ever going…

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    Travel without social media – part 3

    A few weeks ago I had a conversation with some friends, how life used to be for a traveler when we had no social media. When I went backpacking in Australia 13 years ago (OMG – am I that old?) I brought my mobile phone, a Nokia 3310, and I sent a couple of text messages home each week to let everyone know I was OK. I went to an internet café occasionally to update the folks at home about my adventures and sent postcards and letters by old fashioned snail mail. As for pictures, I took one, maybe two, photos carefully of everything I wanted to capture and a week…

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    Travel without social media – part 2

    Woah – I already wrote this blog months ago but never got around to publishing it, it has been in our drafts ever since we came back from Patagonia. After coming home from South America, it was the first post that I wrote in at least a month time. Before our trip, we were well prepared and had pre-written all our posts for 4 weeks, except from the weekly plogs. As it’s Social Sunday, I’d like to talk about travel without social media, once again. That’s why the name of this post is travel without social media – part two. There is already a part one, go here to read…

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