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    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    How to create more time for blogging

    As you can read in my bio I love to inspire people. To go outdoors more often, to live an active life and to enjoy nature in a better way. In addition, I also like to inspire other (wannabe) bloggers about blogging. I’ve written quite a few blogs about this, for example how to make the most out of Pinterest or Things I’ve learned after 2 years of blogging. A question I occasionally get from readers is where I find the time. To blog, to hike, go be outdoors and read a pile of books. Oh and keeping a social life, too.   The most important thing I’ve learned over…

  • confessions of a travel blogger
    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    6 Things I stopped doing after two years as a travel blogger

    Hello Sunday, you’re my favorite day of the week, you know that? OK, well only if I don’t have to work that is. It’s the day I sleep in a bit, go outside for some kind of outdoor activity and publish the Sunday Social Travel Talk. In case you haven’t been here before on Sunday, that is when I talk about anything travel related but not necessarily about destinations. Every now and then, I write a new episode of Confessions of a Travel Blogger, where I like to share my opinion about the bloggersworld, make a fool of myself by confessing embarrassing stuff or try to help other bloggers in…

  • Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    5 Tips for travelbloggers I wish I had known 2 years ago

    I have been blogging for about two years now (not counting the occasional blog I wrote for family and friends) and I’ve learned a lot. In fact, sometimes I think I’ve learned more than my mind can handle. I’m not talking about technical stuff here such as how to use WordPress or making backups (I’ve got Martijn for that) but how the bloggers world really works. That it’s not about starting a blog and then traveling the world for free. That it’s not just about numbers. That the life of a travel blogger is not always as sweet as it seems because you just see travel pics. I learn something…