• Hiking the Overland Track Tasmania

    Hiking the Overland Track in Tasmania

    The Overland Track Tasmania – all you need to know before you go! Where many people these days have a bucket list for their travel wishes, I have one for my multi-day hikes I still want to do one day. Hiking the Overland Track was on my wishlist for many years and having heard many good stories about it, I decided to start planning way ahead as a journey to Tasmania is quite a trip from Europe. After I received an agreement to take four weeks off my back-then office job, I booked a plane ticket and started my preparations for the Overland Track. It turned out to become one…

  • maria island tasmania maria island hiking

    Maria Island in Tasmania: a guide to hiking and camping

    Hiking and camping on Maria Island in Tasmania It’s been a few years since I was on Maria Island in Tasmania. Time flies and I realize that I have not nearly written everything that’s to be seen there. It has been an amazing trip and while I rethink about the highlights, they definitely were hiking the Overland Track and hiking and camping on Maria Island in Tasmania. Between the fluffy and wild wombats, that is. If you’re a sucker for cute animals, you are going to love the pictures below!   Even though I didn’t travel to Tasmania to see wildlife in particular, I of course did want to see…

  • hiking the Cape Hauy Track in Tasmania

    Hiking the Cape Hauy Track in Tasmania

    One year ago today I was in Tasmania, most likely on the famous Overland Track. This hike is also called one of the most amazing multi-day treks in the world, but this is where I actually got inspired for an even better hiking track in Tasmania: the Cape Hauy Track.   While hiking The Overland Track, my friend and I got talking to quite a few Ozzies along the way. You all walk the same pace more or less and usually run into each other various times along the track. We met a couple from the Melbourne area who had also been to Tasmania a few of years earlier and…

  • snakes in tasmania

    Snakes in Tasmania: how to avoid them when outdoors

    Our experience and tips on how to avoid snakes in Tasmania when in the outdoors When we were discussing an outdoor trip to Tasmania a couple of years ago, the one thing that made me doubt it as our next destination were the snakes. I knew that they have plenty of snakes in Tasmania and that our chance of running into one would be significant. Now there are a few things in life I’m afraid of but when a person asks me ‘is there anything you are afraid of’ my first answer is always snakes. Ever since I was a young girl, I have had a great fear for them.…