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    Confessions: Cities I wouldn’t mind living

    Those of you who know me, know I’m not a city girl, or better said, not al all. “So why do you live in a city then?” I can hear you wonder … well basically because I love the conveniences that living in a (small) city brings me, such as cycling to work and the gym (or basically cycle everywhere), having a grocery store within a 3 minute walk and being able to go to shops/bars/restaurants without having to grab the car.   Arnhem, the city where we live, is among the greenest cities in The Netherlands. There are parks everywhere and the city is surrounded by nature. In the…

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    On a winter morning in Djurgården

    It’s my last morning in Stockholm and when I step outside and I can’t believe it. It’s snowing. Again. 4 Days in Stockholm and all I get is nothing but snow and less than 5 minutes of sunshine. Just great… Today I’ve planned to visit  Djurgården. As you might know, Stockholm is built on 14 islands. One of these is Djurgården, or more officially Royal Djurgården, or the Royal Game Park. It’s a giant island in the central part of Stockholm and belongs to the Royal National City Park, which is actually the first national city park in the world. Visit Stockholm was so kind to provide me with a complimentary Stockholm Card and today,…

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    Confessions: Sunday Social Reflection Talk

    This week’s Sunday Social Travel Talk has been on my mind ever since I wrote last week’s article. Over the past week, some ideas were born inside my head and up until this very minute (Saturday afternoon 5pm) I still had no idea what exactly I was going to write about. So I’m just gonna start writing and I’ll talk about three things that kept my mind running over the past week, coming together in one article: – Why taking a blogging break was the best choice ever. – How social media made me lose my appetite for blogging. – Why I don’t want to become a full time travel blogger. Earlier…

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