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    How to do the Icelandic South Coast in one day

    Let me start by saying that doing the Icelandic South Coast in one day is not what I’d recommend you to do, because there is plenty to see and do and one day is not nearly enough to see everything properly. However, I also realize that many visitors to Iceland are there for just a day or two, either on their way to North America or Europe. When visiting Iceland with a friend in June 2015, we had 3 x 24 hours to spend here and obviously wanted to see and do as much as we could. I had been to Iceland many times before, but for her this would…

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    Beautiful Iceland in pictures

    “Why Iceland?” That was the question many people asked me when I told them I was going back to Iceland again, for the 5th time.   “Because I love it”   That was my answer. Just to keep it short and simple. I didn’t feel like explaining myself again. I know there are people counting countries and proud of each milepost they reach upon entering yet another country. For me, numbers don’t count, I prefer to go back to a place I love with all of my heart rather than a new place just for the sake of getting my passport stamped again. So when my friend Sandra and I agreed…

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    Glacier Hike on Sólheimajökull – a must do in Iceland!

    Just 24 hours ago I was on a plane flying home from Iceland. Right now I’m sitting behind my laptop, writing a new blog, one of the few I wrote over the past months. 24 Hours ago I was staring out of the window of Icelandair’s Grimsvötn Boeing 757 and looking back down on the mighty Mýrdalsjökull where I had been glacier hiking earlier that weekend. You can only really understand the massiveness of Iceland’s glaciers when flying over them, or when stepping on them. My glacier hike on Sólheimajökull (one of the glaciers coming down from Mýrdalsjökull) proved to be a good choice for my daytrip along the Icelandic South Coast.  …