• Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    Confessions: 11 reasons why I’m the worst travel blogger

    When starting my Confessions of a Travel Blogger series last summer I already mentioned that there would be  a lot of “confessions” for me to make. Even though this series started kind of like a joke (I mean, c’mon, don’t take it too serious … life is fun you know!) I never thought I could actually do 7 episodes within 7 months. But as I continue traveling around the globe, meeting new people and experiencing a lot of crazy things, my diary is full with things that I never even gave any thought 2 years ago, before becoming a travel blogger. A few weeks ago I wrote how social media made me lose…

  • Confessions of a travel blogger,  Sunday social travel talk

    Confessions: Sunday Social Reflection Talk

    This week’s Sunday Social Travel Talk has been on my mind ever since I wrote last week’s article. Over the past week, some ideas were born inside my head and up until this very minute (Saturday afternoon 5pm) I still had no idea what exactly I was going to write about. So I’m just gonna start writing and I’ll talk about three things that kept my mind running over the past week, coming together in one article: – Why taking a blogging break was the best choice ever. – How social media made me lose my appetite for blogging. – Why I don’t want to become a full time travel blogger. Earlier…

  • Sunday social travel talk,  We12inspire

    Travel without social media – part 2

    Woah – I already wrote this blog months ago but never got around to publishing it, it has been in our drafts ever since we came back from Patagonia. After coming home from South America, it was the first post that I wrote in at least a month time. Before our trip, we were well prepared and had pre-written all our posts for 4 weeks, except from the weekly plogs. As it’s Social Sunday, I’d like to talk about travel without social media, once again. That’s why the name of this post is travel without social media – part two. There is already a part one, go here to read…

  • Austria,  Things that make me happy,  We12inspire

    Travel without social media

    Do you remember the day that we had no internet phones or iPads? That there was no such thing as checking in, sharing, tagging, liking and unliking? I went back to those days during one of my recent trips to Austria. During the last summer I suddenly got sick and tired of it all. “It” being tweeted, liked, shared and tagged all the time. When I didn’t check WhatsApp for a day, friends started to worry something was wrong. When I didn’t reply to my FB messages for a couple of days, people thought I was sick in bed. Or something … So my trip to Austria seemed the perfect way to leave “it”…

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