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    Travel tips for Sidemen, the undiscovered masterpiece of Bali

    My summer vacation is over and I have gone back to work. The next few months coming up are a crazy mix of plenty of trips that I’m making for We12travel but there is light at the end of the tunnel, as I booked a planeticket back to Bali for November. I really miss Bali and even though many people don’t understand how an outdoor enthusiast can enjoy Bali so much, I just can’t wait to go back there. I miss the friendly people, the bright green rice fields, the massages I took almost daily and the relaxed atmosphere in Sidemen.   One of the places I’m really looking forward…

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    Why NOW is the right time to travel to Sidemen on Bali

    Why NOW is the right time to travel to Sidemen on Bali My second week in Indonesia is a wrap. This week I won’t publish a weekly report like I did last time, but I’ll tell you a story from the heart about my stay in Sidemen on Bali. Sidemen that’s located nearby the Agung volcano and which is the place I discovered the real Bali. Where I spent hours overlooking the rice fields and where I experienced my first earthquake ever. Now is the right time to visit, not next year, or the year after.   Despite the fact I enjoyed Ubud, it was mostly too busy for my…