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    Hiking alone in Alaska: stories and tips for hiking in bear country

    Welcome to this article about hiking alone in Alaska. I have been to Alaska many times which I consider quite unique as I’m from Europe where Alaska totally seems like the other side of the world. I was however lucky enough to travel to Alaska seven times over the past decade and even though my first tour was with a group, I have also traveled solo.   This article about hiking in bear country is not just based on my own experiences, but also I’ll give you some advice on what to consider when you want to go solo hiking in Alaska. Note that my experience is only from hiking…

  • Alaska,  We12hike

    Hiking wish: Harding Icefield Trail in Alaska

    Carefully I place my right foot in front of the left and plant my hiking pole into the snow. It sinks in deeper and deeper with every step I’m taking. Even though it’s not exactly warm, I’m sweating like crazy. I’ve taken off every layer until I reach my tanktop, this one will have to stay on in the cold Alaska air. My breath is completely out of control and I keep on wondering why the hell I ever agreed to come along on this tour. While everyone is steadily plowing forward through the snow, I feel totally hopeless as an inexperienced hiker. I mean, sure, I had done some…