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    The ultimate guide to the best hot springs in Iceland

    The ultimate guide to the best hot springs in Iceland Iceland is hot. Hot as a travel destination and hot in the ground. As it’s located right on the ridge of two tectonic plates there is a lot of movement and geothermal activity. When going to Iceland, you can’t miss a visit to a hot spring. Or a hot pool. Or a hotpot, as the Icelanders call it. I’ve written a couple of posts about the best hot springs in Iceland and they are among the most popular posts on my entire blog. So I figured I’d combine them into one post, making this ultimate guide to the best hot…

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    Free alternatives to the Blue Lagoon in Iceland

    The best free alternatives to the Blue Lagoon on Iceland’s South Coast I’ve just returned from my 10th trip to Iceland and I was amazed by the increasing number of visitors. I have been coming to Iceland since 2007 on an (almost) yearly base and it’s gotten so much busier than before. However, I still love Iceland a lot and will always be back for a next time. Although nothing seems to be really ‘hidden’ on Iceland’s South Coast anymore, I thought to do a write-up of the best alternatives to the Blue Lagoon, many of them free. My post about why not to go there has become one of…

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    How to stay warm in Iceland this winter!

    Tips on how to stay warm in Iceland this winter So you have booked your trip to Iceland for this winter and are now preparing for your trip? Excellent! Iceland is an amazing country and having been there myself no less than ten times, I can tell you a lot about it. These days, Iceland is overrun by tourists who are on their way from Europe to North America or the other way around. It makes perfect sense because Icelandair offers you a free stopover and this makes it easy for so many travelers to see this beautiful country.   [Note: this blog was first published in February 2017 and…