• Kyanjin Ri
    Confessions of a travel blogger,  Nepal

    5 Things I learned while traveling in Nepal

    Things I learned during my trip to Nepal – confessions of a travel blogger Hello, I’m home again! For a few days already by the way, but I decided to extend my vacation by a few more days. Apart from occasionally posting a social media message, I did almost nothing online. Most of all acclimatize back home again (especially to the nice and warm here in the Netherlands!), but also the horror that is called pollen allergies and I’ve enjoyed some outdoor time with my boyfriend after being away for two weeks.     Even though I truly enjoyed my trip to Nepal, it didn’t really go as planned. Far…

  • annapurna base camp trek
    Nepal,  We12hike

    Trek to Annapurna Base Camp: all you need to know!

    Namaste! Welcome to this Annapurna Base Camp trek blog! It has been almost a year since I made the trek to Annapurna Base Camp and my next trip to Nepal has been booked. In a couple of months time I’ll be heading back to hike the Helambu Circuit in Langtang. Before leaving I really wanted to share all my information about Base Camp Annapurna with you so you can prepare better than I did last year. Enjoy reading!   Preparation for Annapurna Base Camp trekking The trekking to Annapurna Base Camp is not easy and definitely not for the faint hearted. Before you set off on your adventure, make sure…

  • safe solo hiking as a female
    Hiking Inspiration,  We12hike

    Safe solo hiking as a female: my tips and tricks

    Safe solo hiking as a female: my tips and tricks one year after my round-the-world journey Let me start by saying that I think it’s pretty cool that you are reading this blog. Because hiking solo as a female requires a bit of guts and girlpower. But … you have made a big step in the right direction by reading this blog. I solo hike quite a lot and figured it was about time I’d share my tips and tricks with you. Ifn this blog you’ll find all my tips for safe solo hiking as a female. Enjoy!   1. Research the hike you are planning to make When planning…

  • Bus from Into the Wild Alaska
    Alaska,  We12inspire

    About the Magic ‘Supertramp’ Bus from Into the Wild

    Over the past months, I received quite a lot of questions about ‘the bus from Into the Wild’, also known as The Magic Bus. So in this blog, I will answer them for you, making the information available for everyone who wants to know more about it. Where to find it, where to find the replica, how the bus got there and why I choose not to go there (what??? yes, you read that right!…)   About the Magic Bus from Into the Wild My first time in Alaska was back in 2007. I was assistant guiding a camping tour and the lead guide thought it would be fun to…