• best multi day hikes in the world

    The best multi day hikes in the world (2023 edition)

    The world’s best multi day hikes: an introduction A couple of years ago I wrote this article with the 10 best multi day hikes in the world. It has been online for almost six years now and up until now, it’s one of my most read articles. By now I have moved around the world quite a bit more and added a few more great hikes to the list.   So here is my top 24 of the best multi day treks in the world that everyone should make. All hiked and experienced, mostly in full and sometimes in parts only by yours truly. Some I hiked even more than…

  • New Zealand

    Hiking the Routeburn Track in New Zealand

    Hiking the Routeburn Track – a must for New Zealand travelers The Routeburn Track is being called one of and possibly the most stunning multi day hike in New Zealand. Even though I don’t fully agree on the latter, I do think that the Routeburn Track hike is one of the best that tramping in New Zealand has to offer and a must for every New Zealand traveler who’s into hiking.   I’ve hiked the Routeburn Track twice in my life, once in 2011 with good weather and once in 2018 with poor weather. Very poor weather in fact. I combined both experiences in this ultimate guide to hiking the…

  • New Zealand

    The ultimate New Zealand itinerary for outdoor fans – part II

    Welcome to part 2 of our ultimate New Zealand itinerary for outdoor fans! In this post, we’ll take you around some of the most spectacular scenery New Zealand has to offer, from sandy white beaches to rainforests and glaciers. If you have missed the first part, go here to read all about the first two weeks of our trip, during which we went to Hobbiton, hiked the Tongariro Northern Circuit and explored the Queen Charlotte Track.   Day 15 Golden Bay The northern part of New Zealand’s Southern Island is truly stunning. It may not be as spectacular as the westcoast or the deep south, but we loved it as…