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    Ice climbing in Alaska on the Root Glacier

    Ice climbing in Alaska, the ‘real’ Edge of Alaska! Welcome to my blog about ice climbing in Alaska. If you love Alaska and enjoy watching tv, you may have heard of the tv series Edge of Alaska. Described by Discovery Channel as the toughest town in America, it’s in fact not just a town in a tv show, but one of my favorite places in the world.   The first trip here was back in 2009 and ever since I have been looking forward to returning. In the summer of 2015, this was finally the case! Totally excited about my upcoming 2.5 week trip to Alaska, I cycled home from…

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    My 5 scariest moments of 2015

    As I mentioned before, I’m not a person who makes a standard sum-up of the year in journeys. I like making lists, but just those that are a little bit out of the box. Today, the last day of the year, I’m sharing my five scariest travel moments of 2015 with you. Generally I’m not scared very easily, although each year there are moments that make me wonder something like “hmmm, that could have gone horribly wrong…” Luckily I’m still around and I can still tell you this year’s stories with a smile on my face!   Solo hiking between the bears of Alaska “You know what to do, right,…

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