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    Scandinavia trip planning: which country should you go to?

    If you have been to We12travel before, you may know that nordic destinations are my favorite places to travel. The definition of nordic destinations is of course quite broad, but with ‘nordic’ I mean the outer ends of this planet. In other words, Scandinavia, Canada and Alaska, but also Patagonia and New Zealand, which are not located in the north, but resemble northern destinations in nature. I’m not necessarily interested in the mountains (because you also have those in the Alps and Nepal, for example), but it’s more about the feeling that you get while there. The relaxed atmosphere, the wooden houses, the roughness of the landscape and the mostly…

  • Finland

    Things you just have to do when in Finland

    1. Go to a sauna and jump into the lake afterwards Finland and saunas belong together. I won’t have to tell you about saunas, however I will tell you about the proper Finnish way to do it. Going to a sauna that is. A question often asked is if you should wear bathing clothes or if you go naked. In Finland, going to a sauna is a thing you normally do with friends and family. So if you are with strangers, there are two options: either men and women take turns and go separately or you wear your bathing clothes… Before entering the sauna, take a shower. If you are going…