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    The best instagrams for outdoor lovers

    It has been 170 weeks since I posted my first Instagram photo and  I would never have guessed that it could get such a big thing.  I think I was probably among the first of my friends to start using it and a lot has changed over the past years. First I was travelleranto like on many of my other personal social media channels (I bet you never noticed my Facebook username is travelleranto, too!), then I changed to we12travel.com about a year ago and just recently I finally changed to we12travel. At some point I even had two accounts, one for the blog and a personal one, but soon…

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    Confesstions on a travel blogger: part 2

    Quite often people tell me that they think I’m cool or/and adventurous. The word I am trying to find here is “stoer” in Dutch but I can’t really think of a good English translation. I don’t think there is one. When I used google translate, sturdy came up as the word to use. However, when I think of sturdy, I think of hiking boots. Or a really big, firm woman. Me on the other hand, I am not like that. I just pretend to be sturdy, or like to pretend. Today’s Confessions of a Travel Blogger will be about the female me combined with the outdoor-girl me. Because really, you…

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