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    A mini-trekking in Grövelsjön, Sweden

    A few weeks ago I told you about pretty Grövelsjön in Sweden and how we traveled there from the Netherlands. In this blog article I’ll tall you about a trekking we made here, through the mountains and in the midst of the reindeer. We crossed fjälls, crossed fast-flowing rivers and camped in the wild with a view of one of Sweden’s most inaccessible wilderness areas: the Töfsingdalen National Park. Here’s how we enjoyed our mini-trekking in Grövelsjön, Sweden. We’re planning a hike The great thing about Sweden is the Everyman’s Right: in other words, the freedom to roam where you like. During our hikes in Sweden we rarely make use…

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    Wild camping in Sweden: this is what you should know

    One of the things we really love about Sweden is that you can go wild camping. The Everyman’s Right (Right of Public Access) in Sweden, or the Allemansrätten, means that you roam freely everywhere. This therefore not only applies to camping, but also to hiking, horse riding and canoeing, for example. During our various road trips in Scandinavia in recent years we have made the best use of the possibility of wild camping in Sweden. Since there are a number of rules regarding the freedom camping in Sweden, we have written this useful article for you so that you can prepare for your Sweden trip the best way possible. Enjoy…

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    Hiking & camping in the Swedish wilderness

    After my arrival and a first night in Hotel Sommarhagen in the Swedish Östergötland region it’s time to prepare myself for the reason I actually came here, which is camping in the Swedish wilderness. Camping in Sweden is quite different than camping here in Holland. At least, the way I’m going to camp that is. Here in Sweden they have the Everyman’s Right, which is all about the right to access Swedish nature. Wikipedia also calls it Freedom to Roam and in short it means you can camp anywhere you want, at least if you stick to a certain number of rules. The Swedes call this right the Allemansrätten and…

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    5 Really cool outdoor things to do in Småland, Sweden

    “Småland – isn’t that the kids playground at Ikea?” I can hear you wonder. Yes, it is and before we went to the real Småland, this was also what first came to mind when I heard the word. However, there is indeed a real Småland, much bigger than Ikea’s children’s playground and much more quiet. In fact, it is another playground, but then for adults, who love to be outdoors and enjoy all the natural wonders southern Sweden has to offer. We’ll give your our top 5 of cool outdoor things to do in Småland, Sweden!   1. Enjoy the sunset over one of the many lakes Where we’re from,…