• Best viewpoints in Fjord Norway

    The most amazing viewpoints in Fjord Norway

    NORWAY …  a place everyone I talk to wants to go. I seriously don’t recall ever talking to someone who said they wouldn’t be interested in going there. Norway is wanted. And famous. For its stunning nature, the fjords and the mountains. For its inspiring landscapes, great outdoor and adventure activities and being incredibly expensive. I’m amongst the lucky ones having been able to travel to Norway several times, always exploring another part of the country.   It’s needless to say that the fjords are best observed from above. While hiking up will usually give you the best views, it’s not necessary to always hike up to get stunning views. We’ll…

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    Beautiful Norway: Stryn and Strynsvatn Camping

    During Norway trip a few years ago, we decided to split up our trip in two pieces. We stayed at Nærøyfjord for a couple of days as well as in the Nordfjord area. Here, we were invited to stay at Strynsvatn Camping, an offer we gladly accepted. The way up from Fjord Norway to Nord Fjord (yes, we know it sounds confusing) led us through a truly fairytale landscape. We passed glaciers, crystal clear lakes and drove on high mountain rounds.     As some of the fjords in Norway are incredibly long, you will never be very far away from them. With a bit of sadness we left Nærøyfjord behind…