• senja in noorwegen

    Senja in Norway: where the sun shines behind the clouds

    There’s destinations that fellow bloggers describe as off the beaten path or the road less traveled. Those phrases are used way too much these days in my humble opinion and in fact there’s just a few places in the world that can actually claim to be as described. I think Senja in Norway is one of them. Especially if you compare it to the insanely crowded nearby Lofoten Islands. I went to visit Senja island a while ago and enjoyed it a lot. It was super quiet (though we traveled in high season) and there was a lot to see. Only the weather didn’t cooperate, but that’s to be expected…

  • Møsevassbreen

    Blådålen and Møsevassbreen in Norway – a place where noone goes

    Are there still unknown places in Norway? Places that hardly anyone goes, where there are no blogs about and which you cannot read about in the travel guides? I thought this was not the case until a year ago, when I ended up in a place so incredibly beautiful that you can’t imagine there are hardly any other tourists. Still, that place is there and I found it by accident. I’m talking about Blådålen and the Møsevassbreen in Folgefonna National Park in Norway.   A vacation in Åkrafjord If you mention Åkrafjorden, hardly anyone knows this fjord. And neither did I until last year. Although I had traveled twice in…

  • Møsevassbreen glacier in Folgefonna NP

    A vacation in Åkrafjord, Norway

    A vacation in Åkrafjord, Norway Norway! For many it’s a dream destination because of the fjords, the rugged landscapes and the arctic feeling. For years I have been a fan of Norway and rightly so: the fjords are really a scenic beauty that makes my heart beat faster over and over again. And so this summer we decided to head northbound for the second year in a row for a summer holiday in Scandinavia.   Before you continue reading, also make sure to check the short video that I made:     ‘In between the drops it’s dry’ An important factor for a holiday in Norway is the weather. About…

  • Norway,  we12inspire

    5 Reasons why I can’t wait to go back to Norway

    Exactly one year ago today I left Norway for the last time. It sounds better than it actually is because other than a drive from Oslo Airport to the Swedish town of Höljes there was not much of Norway to this trip, but at least I got a glance of Norway in the winter. Just driving through the landscape made me realize that I truly need to go back there someday soon and so I’m seriously considering heading back next summer. I loved the summer vacation I spent here back in 2015 and have been wanting to go back ever since. Here are my five reasons why I can’t wait…