• Northern Lights

    How not to photograph the Northern Lights

    Written by Martijn   These days everybody seems to be talking about their endless ‘bucketlist’. I’m not really a person who likes to make lists of things to do before you turn 30 (or something like that), simply because it increases the chance of setting your expectations too high and moving onto the next item on ‘the list’ without actually enjoying the one thing you are doing. Of course, everybody has their own dreams and interests in things they want to see and do. One thing often mentioned on bucketlists, is seeing the Northern Lights. My interest in seeing this phenomenon actually awakened when I saw an image online reflecting…

  • Things that make me happy,  We12inspire

    250 we12travel blogs: keep calm & blog on!

    Hurrah!!! This is our 250th blogpost on we12travel!  A blog that we started more than a decade ago as a picture website and turned into an actual blog about 2 years ago. Since then, we wrote exactly 250 entries, first in Dutch, later in English and now in both languages. Never would I have thought that I’d ever write 250 posts (more or less, Martijn also wrote some of them) about travel and anything travel related. Or that I’d enjoy spreading the travel virus around the interwebs by writing and sharing our love for the outdoors on a webpage… Even though it’s not a Sunday (when we normally do our Sunday…