• Tuatapere McCracken's Rest
    New Zealand

    Things to do in Tuatapere, New Zealand

    Tuatapere in New Zealand is known as “the town that has the last light of every day.” If you drive one hour further south from Manapouri (which already feels like you’ve reached the end of the world) you will arrive in Tuatapere. This town is located place where agricultural land and Fiordland National Park meet. Right on the Southern Scenic Route, you can make various trips from Tuatapere and you will encounter only a fraction of all the tourists you will find in towns like Te Anau and Manapouri. I’ve been to Tuatapere twice over the past few years and my first impression was that it was quite sleepy and…

  • cycling the otago rail trail in new zealand
    New Zealand,  We12bike

    Cycling the Otago Central Rail Trail in New Zealand

    When you are from The Netherlands, aka “the country where everyone always rides a bike” (and NOT, “the country where everyone visits family on their ice skates because we have so many canals”, as it has once been said during the recent winter Olympics), there’s no way we could say no to a little adventure on the Otago Central Rail Trail while in New Zealand.  This 152 kilometer former railway takes you through some truly stunning scenery in Central Otago and shouldn’t be too much of a problem for anyone who knows how to ride a bike. In this blog I’ll tell you about how much we enjoyed cycling the…

  • Most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand: Lake Hauroko
    New Zealand,  we12inspire

    The most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand

    Welcome to this post with the most beautiful unknown places in New Zealand. Let’s be honest, only few other places in the world can beat New Zealand for its natural beauty. Without having to drive for days, you will find yourself surrounded by glaciers one day, in the middle of Fiordland the next and on white sandy beaches the day after. This article first appeared in 2016 and was fully updated after my most recent visit in the winter of 2023. Most of the places mentioned have now also been discovered by tourism, but are still considerably less visited than New Zealand’s tourist hotspots. The most beautiful unknown places in…

  • the waitakere ranges
    New Zealand

    The Waitakere Ranges and Piha Beach: an amazing roadtrip from Auckland

    Do you already know the Waitakere Ranges in New Zealand? This special nature reserve just outside Auckland is a wonderful stop before you really start your road trip. I visited the Waitakere Ranges several times and in this article you will find my travel report from 2018, including tips for your visit to both the Waitakere Ranges and Piha Beach. At the bottom of the blog you will find some useful tips if you want to go on a road trip yourself. Enjoy reading! This blog first appeared in 2018 and was updated in 2023 Before I went to New Zealand I had not really arranged much, just my first…