• Lukla Airport world's most dangerous airport
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    How to survive the world’s most dangerous airport

    A while ago I already mentioned how unprepared I went to Nepal. I just had no time to read up on our upcoming trip and since I had booked the whole package with a local operator it wasn’t really necessary either. This turned out to be good because if I’d known earlier that Lukla Tenzing-Hillary Airport is the most dangerous airport in the world, I’d have had sleepless nights over it. While reading Lonely Planet in the week before the trip, I actually read some negative things about Lukla, that flights often get delayed because of the weather and that occasionally crashes occur. I’m not a fan of flying, however…

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    Everest Base Camp trek: the movie!

    The longer it has been that we’ve left Nepal, the more I’m missing it. If I wouldn’t have booked my trip to Tasmania already, I would’ve seriously considered going back there in 2016. I miss the mountains, I miss the people, I miss being breathless when hiking at 5.000 meters and I even miss the crappy food we got in the teahouses. But most of all, I miss being outside and feeling free. From the hours of film we have, we tried to select the best three minutes to give you an idea about our Everest Base Camp trek.   Enjoy!     Please let us know how you liked…

  • Mountainous Monday,  Nepal

    Mountainous Monday – Ama Dablam

    You are probably surprised when I tell you that not Mount Everest but another peak in the Himlayas made the biggest impression on me. On the evening before our trek to Everest View Hotel, our guide Jangbu told us that we’d not only see Mount Everest and Lhotse would be visible the next day, but that we’d also meet Ama Dablam, a very special mountain. Special because it looks different from every side and because it is more technical to climb than Everest. The main peak is 6.812 meters and the lower western peak is 6.170 meters.   Ama Dablam means something like ” mothers necklace” – it kind of…

  • Nepal is safe
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    Nepal is safe!

    Before I’m starting a long run of stories about our trek to Everest Base Camp, there’s one thing that has to be said and everybody in this world should know. NEPAL IS SAFE! During our three week trip, I have not felt either in danger or uncomfortable for one single second and I want to spread the word that nothing should keep you from traveling to one of the most beautiful countries in the world! A lot is being said about Nepal and its safety at the moment and people are scared of traveling there. With this blog, I hope to encourage fellow travellers to (still) consider Nepal for a…