• Uitzicht in het Saarland

    Things to do in Saarland in Germany

    One of the lesser known regions in Germany is the Saarland region. Saarland is located in the southwest corner of Germany, against the border triangle with France and Luxembourg. Because it is just a little further away than the Eifel and Moselle from where I live (The Netherlands), the beautiful area is often skipped and that is a shame, because there are many beautiful things to see and do. Here are our tips for your holiday in Saarland and the best sights in the Saarland in Germany.     First of all: your vacation in Saarland Good to know is that the Saarland is about a 4/5 hours drive from…

  • Dutch-German Naturpark Moor Veenland

    Surprising Germany: German-Dutch Naturpark Moor Veenland

    It’s quite a long name but it’s well worth saying it. The German-Dutch Naturpark Moor Veenland is a fantastic nature park on the border of the Dutch province of Drenthe and the German Emsland region. The Naturpark is relatively unknown, which becomes clear already before my trip. Where are you going? It’s one of the questions I get when I explain my plans for the upcoming weekend.   German-Dutch Naturpark Moor Veenland was established about ten years ago to protect the vulnerable nature and also to put it into the spotlight for the locals. There are a few tourist facilities inside the park but it’s developing and when you are…