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    7 Awesome things to do in the Pacific Northwest

    7 Awesome things to do in the Pacific Northwest It has been more than a year ago already since I traveled since the US for the last time. It was a very special trip as I went on a two week road trip in Washington State and Oregon, also known as the American Pacific Northwest. I drove from one national park to the next and was very surprised about all the beautiful things that could be found along the way. Not just very special nature parks, but also a bunch of really amazing cities very well worth spending some time. In this blog I’m sharing my favorite things to do…

  • things to do in the pacific northwest

    My Pacific Northwest Roadtrip: first impressions

    My Pacific Northwest Roadtrip: first impressions after coming home It has already been a few weeks since I came home from my Pacific Northwest roadtrip, yet it feels like I was there yesterday. I’ve wanted to go and see it forever and last summer, that dream finally came true. My head is filled with stories I’d like to tell you about this super special place. There were highlights, lows, amazing landscapes and not so amazing landscapes. Today I’m giving you my first impressions of my Pacific Northwest roadtrip!   The cities Although you may not expect it from me, but a nice city does make me really happy. I’ve visited…

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    How to spend a day in Arches National Park

    Our tips and tricks for spending a day in Arches National Park Maybe it’s because it was the first official national park we visited on our trip, but Arches National Park has left a unforgettable impression on us. Located just about ten minutes driving from Moab, Utah, it has more than 2.000 natural arches and apparently, not all of them have been discovered yet. We were here for just a day but if you plan well, you can see all the highlights that Arches has to offer. Here is how you should spend a day in Arches National Park.   We woke up early and drove up to the park…

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    Outdoor activities and hiking in Utah

    Hiking in Utah and its National Parks Over the past couple of years we have written quite a few blogposts about our USA roadtrip and most of them were about hiking in Utah and the national parks. Since our posts about Utah are some of the most-read ones, I figured I’d gather them all on this page. Now you have a clear overview of all we have written and where to find the best tips and tricks for getting outdoors and hiking in Utah.   Sightseeing and hiking in Zion National Park Zion is probably the best place to go hiking in Utah. Their trails are amazing and there is…