• capri in winter
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    Why not to visit Capri in the winter

    Google ‘Capri’ and you will see beautiful pictures from an island surrounded by turquoise waters and colorful houses built against a dramatically steep mountain. Yes, when my sister and I went to Naples in Italy for a weekend last winter, we knew idyllic Capri was going to be one of the places we really wanted to see. For one day, we’d dive into the world of the jetsetters who spend their vacations her … If only we had known what Capri is really like in wintertime.   Capri is located in the Golfo di Napoli (Gulf of Naples) and is just a short trip away from Naples. As we are…

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    City-break Naples in pictures

    As I was making a back-up from my phone the other day I realized I never wrote much about my recent trip to Naples. And to be brutally honest, there isn’t much to write about. If I have to believe fellow bloggers, raw and dark cities are the new hip. No romance such as Paris or tons of modern history such as Berlin, but cities filled up with graffiti and all kinds of dirt everywhere, that’s supposed to be the new hip. When browsing through my pictures I realized I don’t even have proper pictures of the Naples. Because it was just plain ugly. There, I said it. Naples is ugly.…